February 15, 2021

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FHS Updates

The Saber Roar - Valentine Edition

Stories include:

Roadside Food Review

Valentine's Day Booth

Valentine's Surprise

Valentine photos

The Saber Roar 1212 Valentine's Special 2/11/21

What is a Gratitude Jar?

Similar to a gratitude journal, it's a jar or box filled with reminders of what you're grateful for. The opposite of those crushing "I don't" statements, gratitude reminds us of what we do have. It's what makes the glass half full, and research shows that staying grateful can improve our mental health.

A gratitude jar may start out as nothing special, just an old-fashioned glass jar with a ribbon tied around the rim. Every day, sometimes several times a day, people choose to write down what they are grateful for and add these "Gratitude Notes" to their jar.

One person interviewed shared: “Since I started writing down what I'm grateful for, my outlook has ever-so-slightly shifted. I no longer feel like I am inadequate and lacking from the moment I wake up or berate myself for not getting through my to-do list. I can better appreciate the food that I have, the time that I have, the people that I have. And when I do have a down day, pulling a note or two from my gratitude jar reminds me that life is full of wonder and I have the strength and support to overcome anything.”

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Parent-Teacher Conferences

We will hold virtual Parent-Teacher Conferences March 2nd, from 4:00-7:00 PM. Please be on the lookout sometime next week for our sign up links/process. Our conferences are meant to offer time for brief conversations regarding your student's progress.

If you require a more lengthy discussion regarding your student or are unable to meet within the time and space available, please email or call the teacher and arrange a mutual time to meet. Every day is an opportunity to connect. Never hesitate to reach out.

FHS Prom Update

We're excited to announce Graduation at Am Fam Field on June 20... but what about prom?

We realize how important this event is to our students, especially our seniors. FHS Administration is working directly with our Student Senate through frequent meetings to develop a list of student priorities and ideas for a modified prom event. Tentative plans will need approval and guidance from the City of Franklin Health Department, our district nurses, and our district administration.

FHS will provide updates when we have more specifics to share, including dates, times, and location.

Math Department Offering Sessions Prior to March ACT

The Math Department at FHS is offering after school sessions February 22nd & 24th, and March 1st, 3rd and 8th with a different practice test each week. Research shows that students who report preparing for the ACT exam score an average of 1.5 points higher than those who do not. We encourage all juniors at FHS to attend these sessions. Additional information about the Math Department Sessions can be viewed here.

The Statewide ACT for Our Juniors is March 9th

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Affordable Mental Health Resources

We know that prioritizing mental health can be difficult. Made even more difficult by busy schedules, lack of accessibility, and affordability. There are small steps we can all take each day to improve our mental health and general well-being. These include getting exercise, eating nutritious foods, getting adequate amounts of sleep, and doing things that we enjoy each day.

Accessibility and affordability should never stand in the way of you getting the support you need to be the best version of yourself! Visit the website below for free online mental health resources and ideas on improving well-being.

Free Online Mental Health Resources


Please be sure to read the newest District Newsletter that comes out now every Friday. You can access all the issues here.

We Are Looking for Bus Drivers

Franklin Public Schools is seeking Bus Drivers. Details are below along with the link to apply on WECAN.

  • Approximately 25-35 hours per week (shifts could include morning, afternoon, both morning & afternoon split or potential job share).

Franklin Little League Registration

There may be 12 inches of snow outside, but we’re dreaming of sunny skies, chalked baselines and green outfields, are you?! Register at www.franklinll.org by February 28th to get the best pricing! See our flyer for more information.