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What if just grabbed a cookie and were whipped for it? Some poor slaves were whiped for little things such as this. Slaves first worked a number of years for their freedom. They then were captured from Africa instead of brought to Europe in the late 1600s. Lastly, slaves lived in not so nice cabins on huge farms. Overall, slaves lived a horrible life in colonial times.

Before Slavery Began

If you were poor and wanted to go to America, you would become an indentured servant. These specail slaves worked for about 5 to 7 years. They then were given enough money to get to America and some land along the way. Indentured servants were used until the late 1600s. The leftover indentured servants quit a few years later. This was a good idea, for most of them died before from starvation or overworking. Without a doubt, this was a big sign that the future of slavery was looking rough.

Work Till you Drop

Snap! That's the sound of a whip, the thing many slaves were punished with. Africans were transported by ship during the late 1600s. The first few were treated like indentured servents. Late, they were kept for their life. Why did the slaves want this? They didn't. Regardless, people went to Africa to catch them, also making family's part. The Africans, later being bought as slaves at a auction, could be whipped for the smallest things. Northern America developed labor which didn't require slaves, causing a decline during 1728. This was the year transporting a African from Africa to America couldn't be done legaly. However, millions of slaves were already there. This meant a planter could still punish the slaves at his will. After that, the underground railroad was invented. This was a way for slaves to escape easier. The civil war completely abolished slavery for America in 1865. In other words slavery took a long time to end.

Plotting a Plantation

Imagine a mansion. See the beautiful scenery. Mix that with a farm with the crops, and your close to what is called a plantation. Most slaves during the 1600s lived in a one room cabin. The only exceptions were free slaves who were lucky enough to not get caught. Their cabins were in the back of a plantation, which looked kind of like a village. First was the great house. This was where the planter, his wife, and the children lived. Twenty lucky slaves also worked here. The house slaves were treated better than the field slaves. Behind, some crops and craft houses were there. Crops included rice, cotton, indigo, and tobacco. The craft houses could include shoe making, candle making, and sewing. In the back was the slave quarter, where slaves lived. The back also included barns and stables, with possibly an occasional craft house. The slaves during this time were forced to live under brutal conditions. Lastly, they were treated like property.


So, as you can see, slaves were treated very poorly. They first worked for a few years for someone so they could get to America. Next, they were brought from Africa for many years. Lastly, they lived under harsh conditions in not-so-nice cabins. All in all, the history of slavery was pretty hard.


Brutal - extremely harsh

Indigo - a plant for which a deep blue dye comes from

Plantation - an extremely large garden near a river

Planter - owner of a plantation

Tobacco - a plant that provides leaves used in cigarettes


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