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September 16, 2016

Our Study Trip to Conner Prairie!!

We had such a fun and exciting time at Conner Prairie! Thanks to all of the chaperones who were able to join us! We appreciate all of your help!!
Conner Prairie

Meet us on the Playground!!

We are excited to announce that we are inviting all second grade students and families to spend the evening on our TCE playground. Kona Ice will be here selling shaved ice during that time. This will take place on Thursday, September, 22nd from 5:30-7:00. We hope to see you there!!

International Dot Day!

International Dot Day is a global celebration of creativity in the classroom based on Peter H. Reynolds' award-wining book "The Dot." You can learn more by visiting the official Dot Day website! We celebrated by reading the book and visiting the website to see how other children around the world are making their mark! It was so neat to see how creative and inspired children are all over the world!

In class we made our own dot creations come alive with the use of the Quiver app! Ask your child to show you a screen shot of theirs!

Click for awesome HaikuDeck presentation...

Dots can do great things. We learned how Louis Braille created a whole new language using only dots!!

Liger Mile

The 2016 Liger XC Mile will take place on Thursday, October 13th at Hamilton Southeastern HS!! This race/run/walk is for ALL K- 6th grade students in the Hamilton Southeastern School District. School team scores will be kept for intermediate and elementary competition.

Register Online:


$16 Entry includes t-shirt with all competitors’ names on the back, listed by school! And the always awesome LIGER Logo! Medals for top 5 finishers in each grade- both male and female. Ribbons for all Finishers.

* Online with shirt by Monday Oct 10th, 11:59PM.

* Same day registration available at race site: $20 –limited number of shirts on race day.

We will be attaching the updated registration sheet from Mr. Cushman with this newsletter that has ALL details included!

Student Led Conferences!

Parent/Teacher Conferences this year at TCE will continue to be Student Led Conferences! Student Led Conferences are taking place in places like Noblesville, Nebraska, and even New Zealand! This is a movement that is taking place in the world – not just at TCE! These conferences allow your child to be an important part by having them share their accomplishments and help create goals for the year. Of course, if time is needed to speak just as adults, this time can be set.

Teachers will be sending out directions on Friday, September 23rd for parents to sign up electronically for a conference date between Monday, October 3rd and Wednesday, October 19th. We can’t wait to celebrate your child’s learning with you!

Children Learn Through Play!!!

Toys are fun, but toys are also tools that help children learn about themselves and the world around them. Play is critical to the healthy growth and development of children. As children play, they learn to solve problems, to get along with others and to develop the skills needed to grow and learn. Play helps a child do the following:

  • Develop physical skills. Gross motor skills are developed as a child learns to reach, grasp, crawl, run, climb and balance. Fine motor skills are developed as children handle small toys and objects.

  • Develop cognitive concepts. Children learn to solve problems (What does this do? Does this puzzle piece t here?) through play. Children also learn letter, words, numbers, size and shapes. They have the ability to enhance their memory skills as well as their attention span. Children move on to higher levels of thought as they play in a more stimulating environment.

  • Develop language skills. Language develops as a child plays and interacts with others. This begins with parents playing cooing games with their children and advances to practical levels such as telling make-believe stories and jokes.

  • Develop social skills. Learning to cooperate, negotiate, take turns and play by the rules are all- important skills learned in early games. These skills grow as the child plays. As a result, children learn the roles and rules of society.

    As a parent, what is my role in play?

    Parents are their children’s first and best playmates. Parents have a role in being involved in their children’s play. Children tend to be more creative when their parents are involved in their play. The best play occurs when the adult plays alongside the child, rather than just providing the toys or supervising. Becoming part of a child’s play may take practice. Some parents feel that they need to give up “childish” things and “grow up.” However, this is not true for parents. Some suggestions for joining your child’s play include:

  • Observe. Watch your child closely to learn what he or she can do and has problems doing. Also, be aware of your child’s favorite activities.

  • Follow. Join in and play with your child so that he or she knows you are interested in what he or she is doing. You can add to the complexity of the play; however, let your child be in control and determine the direction of play.

  • Be creative. Let go of the adult idea that there is only one way to play with a toy. Use toys in different ways, and you will be amazed at how many different ways you can play with one toy. Being creative will make playing more fun for you and your child.

Snack Attack Snack Drive!

Snack Attack Snack Drive Has Started!

Snack Attack provides TCE students in need with a sack of healthy snacks to take home on Fridays to help them through the weekend until they can return to school on Monday for a hot meal.

Please consider donating individually wrapped snack items. Bins will be located outside of the school office. Suggested items include: granola bars, pudding, popcorn, fruit cups, crackers, etc.

If your child is in need and would appreciate receiving these weekly bags of snacks, please contact our school counselor, Mrs. Jackie Fiesbeck, at 594-4310 or The recipients of Snack Attack remain confidential.

It’s a great day to be a Cardinal and support our students! Thank you for considering a donation of a snack item to our Snack Drive!

Grandparents Day!

As you may already know, Grandparent’s Day is celebrated around the United States in the month of September. We would like to honor grandparents on Friday, September 30th by inviting them to TCE for a special Grandparent’s Day! The event will take place from 9:10-11:35, with each grade level hosting a specific time slot. During this special visit, the grandparents will get a chance to see your child’s classroom and do some memorable activities with your child. Below is the timeline for the days’ activities.

9:10-9:50 Kindergarten

9:35-10:15 3rd Grade

10:00-10:40 1st Grade

10:30-11:10 2nd Grade

10:55-11:35 4th Grade

As you can see there might be an open slot as you wait for another grade level. The PTO will be hosting a waiting room at TCE for that open time period. Refreshments will be served and student work will be on display. Due to the wonderful turn out, and the high number of students we have this year, we are requesting no visitors for lunch that day. Thank you for your understanding! We look forward to this special event!

Background Checks & Anti-Bulling Video

If you want to volunteer, chaperone fieldtrips, or eat lunch in the cafeteria, guests must have an approved background check on file and complete the Anti-bullying video. Background checks are good for 3 years. If you have questions about your background check, contact the TCE office.

Book Fees and iPad Fees Have Been Posted on Skyward:

Parents can view book fees and iPad fees on Skyward now. Payments are due September 16th. Make checks payable to TCE and note that they are for book fees. Families may also use the eFunds payment option in Skyward. It takes about 10 days to post book fee payments on the Skyward account. Please contact Pat Lines, TCE Treasurer, at 594-4310 if you are interested in a payment plan or want information about our Free and Reduced Cafeteria/Book Fee Assistance Program.

Important Information for Next Week

Mark Your Calendar!

Monday,September 19th- Dine to Donate at Dairy Queen

Thursday, September 22nd- Meet us on the Playground-Kona Ice

Friday, September 30th-Grandparents Day

Next Week's Related Arts Schedule

Monday, September 19th- Day 4- Art

Tuesday, September 20th- Day 5- P.E.

Wednesday, September 21st- Day 6- Music

Thursday, September 22nd- Day 1- Art

Friday, September 23rd- Day 2- P.E.

We Are Learning...


This week in reading we finished up benchmarking. We continued to read on Epic and have been working on our comprehension through small quizzes that Mr. Wallace has been creating. Next week we will start breaking down characters in our stories and their characteristics.


This week in writing we began focusing on story using our senses to make our writing more enjoyable and more realistic. We learned that by using our senses we can add a lot of details to our writing. Next week we will start our personal narratives about our trip to Conner Prairie!


In math, we will continue our study on Addition Strategies. In this unit, students will understand and apply multiple strategies for addition and subtraction. This week we began adding numbers with and without regrouping. We even got up to 3 digit addition!!! We will continue practicing and applying those skills next week!

Social Studies

We have finished up our study of communities. Today we discussed and shared some of our experiences from Connor Prairie and compare/contrast how things were then compared to how they are now. Next week we will move into science where we will begin to study the Sun and Moon! Next week we will focus how the sun and moon seem to change and also discuss the phases of the moon. We will build on some of the students natural curiosities! I'm super excited to see where the class takes us!