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Carolyn Hax: Game Addiction Hurts Relationship

Dear Carolyn:

I have a close friend who's hasn't been doing anything but playing video games for days at a time! I'm getting kinda worried about him, he hasn't been using the bathroom, eating, or even sleeping. I fear that it's gonna get out of control. I just care about him, & I wouldn't want anything to happen to him. I think he's getting addicted & I'm certain if I don't act on this, it'll lead to things much worse. I just don't know where to start or how. I really need your help. How do I help my friend with his "game addiction" & stop it before it's too late?


- Concerned friend (Sam)

Concerned friend:

People who struggle with game addiction are often in denial about their situation & will be unwilling to seek help. They may not recognize the negative effects their behavior has on themselves and others.

It'll be challenging to help your close friend with this type of addiction. You should try a direct, heart-to-heart conversation that can help him realize what he's doing & how it's bad for him. But when it comes to addiction, especially game addiction, your friend will struggle to see it and acknowledge it. A more focused approach will be needed. You may need to gather with others and take action through a formal intervention.

Hope this helps!

- Carolyn Hax


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