The Origin of Strawberries

The only story where strawberries are a symbolism of love

When the very first couple's happiness began to falter, the woman left her husband and headed towards the Sun Land in the east. The man followed but his wife but she kept on without looking back. The Creator took pity on the man and asked him if he was still angry with his wife. The man said he was not, and when Creator asked the man if he wanted his wife back, the man eagerly said yes.
The Creator caused patches of huckleberries, blackberries, trees covered with red service berries, but the woman passed by each without paying any attention to them. She went on until suddenly she saw in front of her a patch of large ripe strawberries, the first ever known.She stopped to gather a few to eat, and as she picked them she turned to face the west, and as she did the memory of her husband came back to her and she found herself unable to go on. She sat down, but the longer she waited the stronger she longed for her husband, and at last she gathered a bunch of the finest berries and started back along the path to give them to him. He met her and they went home together.