Alamo Consumer Rights

Egg Harbor Cafe

The Right to Choose

I choose Egg Harbor Cafe as my activity, because I had heard good things about it from people I knew. Also, I was hungry.

The Right to be Informed

One of the sources I used for my information on Egg Harbor was the people I was surrounded by, such as my boyfriend, who had raved about this place for so long. I also used Yelp to see what other people had to say. My boyfriend influenced me because, well, he was offering to pay, and it was free food, so why not? The Yelp reviews were mostly positive, so I thought I would try it out.

Some of the foods that come up on the menu...

The Right to Safety

There wasn't much information concerning health grades for Egg Harbor Cafe, but it did have a "Contact Us" tab to call or email. The place seemed clean when I actually went.

The Right to Redress

I wasn't faced with any problems in my visit, but if I had been, I would have tried talking with a worker there, and if that didn't solve anything, perhaps a manager and then move my way up the ladder depending on the gravity of situation.

The Right to be Heard

I used my consumer voice by posting a review on Yelp of my most recent experience there. This might influence other people whom of which may be debating where they want to go eat breakfast, either creating more or less traffic to their store based on how they interpret my review.

The Right to a Consumer Education

I am required to have a consumer education because one day I will go out on my own and become a consumer, and I need to know my rights in purchasing items and what I invest my money into. This experience helped me understand the importance of this requirement by showing me how I can handle dissatisfaction in my experiences in an effective manner.