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  • Mayans settled in Central America and Southern Mexico
  • Scientist divided the history of Mayan civilization into three periods: preclassic ( 2000 B.C - 250 A.D, classic (250-900), postclassic( 900-1500)
  • In order for them to grow crops they made their own way to grow crops, so they burned down land for farming
  • Create crops in a shallow water
  • They grow maize, beans, squash, fruit trees, cotton
  • Mayans organized their cities, these are the most important cities: Bolampek, Calakmul, Copan, Dos pilas, Palenque, Rio bec, Tikal and Uaxactun
  • One of the famous atraction that they is statue of Mayan noble
  • Mayans disappear before Spanish even landed in the city
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  • Aztec first settled Valley of Mexico, and in high plateau central Mexico
  • Scientist do not know for sure about the history of Aztec but they know Aztec are one of the powerful Empires that settled in America
  • Their were known as the Mexica, Tenochka, and Aztlan
  • They expand to the gulf of mexico to the pacific ocean
  • just like other tribe, Aztec have their own way to grow crops: ex. they made artificial island in order to grow crops
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  • Incas first settled in Andes mountains and created Machu Picchu
  • Incas are one of the largest empire in america
  • Because their in the mountain they are rich in stones: ex. metal, copper, alloy, tin, bronze, silver and gold
  • Emperor held absolute power
  • Sculpted mountain are one of the best attraction in machu picchu
Inca Civilization