Marriage in Nigeria


Two major marriages in Nigeria

Monogamy, a marriage man to one woman, and Polygyny, a marriage of one man to two or more wives. In Nigeria traditional marriage is an arrangement between two families not an arrangement between two individuals. There is great pressure on both the bride an groom to get the marriage to work, if any problems where to arise both families would be affected. In Nigeria the man usually pays the bride-price and there for is the head of house hold. In there country it is okay for the man to commit adultery, but is forbidden for women.

Idoma marriage

The Idoma people live in central Nigeria, in the Benue State. Myth of their origin states that they are descended from the South Africa Zulu tribe . They are mainly warriors, their subgroups are Adors, Otupas, Ogbanibos, Apas, Ofokanus and Owukpas. In the land of Idoma marriage is a lifelong state. Divorce is possible only on the grounds of adultery or other concrete reasons. When a man in Idoma is at least 25 years old an has the finicial and the physical capacity to maintain a wife and children, he will being the search for a bride. The woman must be at least 18 and he must go an report his findings to his family who will then go to a go-between who is familiar with the girl's family. The go between makes sure there is no history of mental disease, epilepsy, or similar problems. if it turns out positive then the prospective groom's family visits bringing gifts of kola nut and hot drinks. After that visit they schedule another for in which the bride an groom to be will meet. Then in the final visit the bride-price is paid along with more gifts. On the wedding day the groom must also pay a dowry to the brides mother an father which involves a lot of bargaining. Along with that they pay every member of the brides mother's family must be paid with the groom's family determining the amount. The bride's age group and her more distant relatives also are given money, with the amount varying with level of the bride's education and productivity. Then the groom's family gives the bride a rooster and some money.

marriage of the Obrika land

The land of Obrika is located in the eastern part of the Niger Delta of Nigeria, in the river state. In the Wakirike area there are two main types of marriages the YA or Iyaye and the Igwa. The Ya marriage ceremony involves certain functions to precede with the marriage. They must come from the same tribe, when the man is ready he will come forth with kano cloth or Ikpo, one piece of real India cloth, or injiri, four yards of raffia palm cloth sewn together. These offerings are then placed on the shrine of the families ancestors, an the elder in the family will then tie knots in the fabric. The elder ties raffia cloth round the the wife's waist 7 times blessing the couple. Then the bride and groom both drink palm wine from the same cup simultaneously, after which the knot is then untied.
In the 2nd type of marriage Igwa means mixed; the woman an man marry even though they are from different families. Women married under the YA system can also be married under Igwa if the Ya husband is not living under the same roof with his wife, But all offspring from the second marriage belong to Ya husband.