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Week at a Glance

Week of May 9th-May 13

Life Skill for May is Courage.

Every Kid is ONE Caring Adult Away From Being a Success Story

Week In Review

Additional Teacher Appreciation Gift-Jeans Week

No coupons required, thank you for being a phenomenal staff!
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This Week

05/09 Monday

BIST Focus: 4 C's

Dr. Corum here as support 8:30-Noon

4th Grade Field Trip-Lean to Mt. Gilead

10:30-12:30 MAP make-ups

4:10-6:00 Girls on the Run

5:00-7:00 PEAK Open House (@ RV)

05/10 Tuesday

8:30-1:30 Dr. Vogelaar here as support/Noon-4 Dr. Corum here as a support

4th Grade Field Trip-Minnick to Mt. Gilead

8:10-8:40 Specials Team Meeting

1:00-2:00 Care Team Meeting

4:30-5:30 Garden Club

7:00 PTA Meeting

05/11 Wednesday

Happy School Nurse Day!

Team Meetings: In the Conference Room

Focus: iWeek

12:00-4:30 Dr. Vogelaar here as support

4th Grade Field Trip-Harmelink

2nd Grade Field Trip-Kansas City Zoo (9:30-2:15)

8:10 Guiding Coalition

2:05 STUCO Meeting

4:15-5:15 Spanish Club

6:30-8:00 Fifth Grade Recognition

05/12 Thursday

12:00-4:30 Mr. Rosekrans here as support

4th Grade Field Trip-Townsend

8:00-8:45 Early Engineers


10:30-2:30 5th Grade Picnic (Bus Loop)

4:10-6:00 Girls on the Run

6:00-8:00 PTA Skating Party


Shark Spirit Day!

4th Grade Field Trip-Beaty

5th Grade Field Trip-Kansas City Zoo (9:30-2:15)

*All library books and materials are due today.

*All student Chromebooks and iPads due today.

BIST Training

Monday is the last day to let us know if you are interested in attending BIST Training this summer. Please contact Chris, Lisa or Jane to sign up or if you have questions. We will be finalizing attendance at Wednesday's Guiding Coalition meeting. Thank you for attending BIST training within our 3 year window.


We have one of each drill remaining for this school year. So you should expect to have a fire drill, a tornado drill and a playground evacuation drill spread over the remaining days.

Report Cards

*All grades should be entered into Powerschool by end of the day Wednesday, May 18th.

*Make one extra copy of each report card to be placed in the grey box on May 19th during your play day break.

*Grade cards will be distributed on Friday, May 20th. Remember to double check with Megan to confirm who has overdue books.

*Lisa will send out a copy of the 4th Quarter Cover Letter this week.

***Thank you for the all of the extra time and effort you spend in completing report cards. Families appreciate the feedback.


Chris will be sending a link for classroom teachers and special education teachers to provide feedback on digital resources (Raz-Kids, Reading A-Z, Study Island, etc) Your feedback is valuable as the district is looking at it to determine resources to fund next year. Please share your thoughts.

BIST BYTES Focus: 4 C's

It's Coming! Get ready students because next week we're having our second Schumacher Innovation Week! To help us get ready for I-Week, each day we will learn about one of the 4C's: Critical Thinking, Collaboration, Communication and Creativity.

Monday-Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking is a powerful tool that helps us become life-long problem solvers. Adults use critical thinking everyday to help make decision about how to spend their money, manage their time, and take care of you! As students, you use critical thinking to decide what to play at recess, when to do your homework, and to solve math problems. Next week, you all will be working with your teachers to solve problems in new and creative ways.


Have you ever heard the expression that two heads are better than one? We are always smarter when we can share our ideas with other people and get feedback. When we collaborate, we work together to solve problems. Next week, you will be collaborating with other students to create new ideas to solve problems!


In order to get the most out of collaboration, first, we have to be really good at communication. Communication means being able to share our thoughts and ideas. Sometimes we do this through talking, but other times we use words, pictures, or even our actions to share our ideas. Making sure that we communicate clearly is an important part of innovation. We can't wait to see how you all communicate your ideas to us next week during the I-Week Showcase!


Wouldn't it be weird if everyone liked the same things and thought the same things? Life would be so boring! Our last C is Creativity. Being able to think in unique and different ways helps make our world exciting! Creative people invent products that change our lives like electricity and computers! Many of you will be inventing during !-Week. Be sure to use your creativity to think of new solutions that are outside the box and different from everyone around you.