Sheep and The Coyote

One day there was a sheep and a coyote. The sheep were feeding and having a good day. Then all of the sudden there was a coyote. The sheep ran then the coyote ran off to come later. Then the sheep want to get Jeffry there master. Then three days later the coyote was back.

The coyote want at Jeffry then Jeffry ran away. The coyote ran after then Jeff ran him right into a well. He fell into it. The coyote just cried and cried. I wont out please help. No said Jeffry. Why. You tried to kill me. So. I will help you get out if you do what I want for a couple days. Ok. On the way home Jeffry said you know sometimes you don't have to be mean to get what you want. Yes but it is hard. Well its not that hard I do it. Yes. Yes. So the coyote learned the you can be nice and get what you want.

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