A thank you to customers and friends!


Simply follow these directions:

1) Download the FREE Mobile App, BEEMOLO. This is a Lawrence Directory App for smartphone users. In your app store-search box, enter: Beemolo.

2) Open the Beemolo App. Click the tab titled "Businesses - Lawrence".

3) Next, click the tab titled "Fitness & Recreation.

4) Then, click the tab titled "Leisure". Scroll to the bottom of the "Leisure" page to locate Royal Crest Lanes.

5) Click Royal Crest Lanes.

6) Click the tab titled "THE ROYAL GIVEAWAY".

When THE ROYAL GIVEAWAY entry form is submitted, it is assigned the next available number as it is received. You do not have to reveal personal information other than your name. Verification of winning will require proof of the first 3 questions and answer question number 4 accurately. A record of THE ROYAL GIVEAWAY results will be available for inspection.

The WINNING entry numbers are:

ENTRY #10 = $5.00

ENTRY #20 = $5.00

ENTRY #30 = $10.00

ENTRY #40 = $10.00

ENTRY #50 = $50.00

*You are limited to ONE Royal Giveaway entry form.

*Winners will be announced on the Royal Crest Lanes Facebook Page.

Let's roll this mutha out !!!