Tom Bass

By Cole Potter

Who was Tom Bass

Tom Bass was a professional horse trainer and rider. He was born January 5th 1895 and died November 20th 1934 at age 75 of a heart attack. Bass had a brother named Jesse a wife named Angie Jewell and a son named Inman. Bass was born as a slave and then moved to Kansas, City and then moved to Mexico, Missouri.

What he did

He was the first black to ride in madison square garden. He invented the bass bit( protects a horses mouth during training)He stopped violent horse training. Many who are now famous for horse riding were shown by Tom Bass. And Bass was so famous at riding horses he was invited to show Miss Rex at the royal horse show in London England.

Impact on the world

Bass helped by giving lessons and entertainment. Bass thaut horses were like humans. He helped a lot of people in Kansas, city and Mexico, Missouri. Bass made Mexico, Missouri the horse state capital of the world. He stopped violent horse training,(beating and yelling at the horses was stopped.)He created live stocks.

Should we be more like him.

think we should be more like him. He made entertainment for kids and adults. He helped people and horses. He raised lots of money for charity. And He invented a lot of stuff that we use now. I think we should follow in his footsteps.

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