April 2021

Longfellow Elementary

Notes from Mrs Heckenlaible...

Dear Parent or Guardian,

Spring has sprung and with it brings state testing for grades 3-8 and grade 11. It is the time of year when the Mitchell School District students can showcase what they’ve learned throughout the year (and hopefully the gaps we’ve closed due to being out last spring). South Dakota is part of the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium where students across the nation are being assessed on common core standards. Longfellow students will test from April 7–May 7.

Please keep this in mind when scheduling appointments as we primarily test in the mornings. It is important for our learners to be on time so they can start the testing session with their classmates. We appreciate your efforts to ensure our Longfellow students have a positive testing experience. A good night’s sleep, a healthy breakfast, and encouraging words to do the best they can are a few ways that parents can assist their children. Preparing our children for academic success requires a partnership between home and school. Our Longfellow teachers feel very fortunate to be able to work with such supportive families. Thank you for all you do! (Please see the enclosed Home & School parent letter for further testing information.)

It's time to register your child for the 2021-2022 school year. Please complete your ‘Annual Information Update’ for the 2021-2022 school year. Please follow the online directions, in this newsletter, to update your information for your Begindergarten-4th grade child/ren, during the month of April. All information updates need be completed by May 1, 2021. This meets the requirements for registering your child for Longfellow for the 2021-2022 school year. Providing completed forms and updated information will assist us for the upcoming school year. If you have questions, please call the Longfellow office at 995-7500.


Mrs. Heckenlaible

look at this

Here is our current collection of eye glasses. At the end of the school year, we will be donating these and will no longer have access to them. If they belong to your child, please pick them up.
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dates to remember

  • April 1-5 - Easter Break - NO SCHOOL
  • April 7-May 7 - State testing for grades 3-5
  • April 12th - School Board Meeting 5:00 pm
  • April 26th - School Board Meeting 5:00 pm
  • May 12th-BK-3rd grade music concert recording (link will be sent out later)
  • May 11th-5th Grade band Concert at the Performing Arts Center
  • May 18th - 4th and 5th Grade Music concert at the Performing Arts Center
  • May 20 - 5th Grade recognition at the Performing Arts Center 6:30pm

Register for the 2021-22 school year

Please watch for an email from the school district in the next few weeks regarding registering/annual update your child for the 2021-2022 school year. Click on the link and follow the directions. You can also simply follow the in structions below. Thank you for completeing this online registration ASAP. The information needs to be updated for office use. Even if you don't intend on using the parent portal now, you will when your child enters middle school.

message from the school district


It is that time again where you will need to log onto your parent portal and fill out the Annual Information Update for the 2021-2022 school year.

Directions to get to the Annual Information Update are:

We ask that you do this before registration in the Fall.

The deadline to complete this July 1st, 2021.

If you don't have a parent portal, please contact the school that your child is attending and the secretaries will be able to assist you with that.

Thank you,

Mitchell School District

Who's got talent? The Teachers Got Talent!

Do you remember when we had Den Bs got talent last month? Well now it was time for the teachers to show their stuff. Mrs. Bakhtiari and Mrs. Abts showed their unusual talent. You'll see that the students LOVED it!
The teachers and staff at the Mitchell School District were offered the opportunity to get the COVID vaccine. We are all SO excited to get back to 'normal'.
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Thank you!

Dakota Counseling and Mithell Main Street and Beyond donated these wonderful baskets for Mrs Gunnare and Mrs Sarne. Their names were drawn from all of the Longfellow Teachers. Thank you to Dakota Counseling, Mitchell Main Street and Beyond and all of the amazing sponsors! What a special treat!!
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South Dakota Weather.....unpredictable

Parents, please send your child to school with a sweatshirt or light jacket each day. It's still chilly in the morning and our weather can be so unpredictable. A beautiful morning and turn into a cool afternoon in the blink of an eye. We want the students to be prepared for those changes as they go out for recess. Thank you for your help!

5th Grade Recognition Reception

Thursday, May 20th, 6:30pm

821 North Capital Street

Mitchell, SD

This year's 5th grade recognition will take place a the Performing Arts Center. Please mark your calendars and watch for more information as this exciting event gets closer. Masks will be required for all who attend.

Silly Sock Day

Longfellow Lions Family Fitness Challenge!!

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Longfellow Family Fitness Challenge-Complete Winners List

A few of our winners are pictured above. Here is the complete list of names. Congratulations to all of our winners. We can see you're having fun with it!

February Winners

March Madness Baskets

  1. Haylen Buchholz

  2. Myles Gubbrud

  3. Owen Borgan

  4. Eddie Kee

  5. Keller Styer

Basketballs and Subway

  1. Camden Palmer

  2. Myles Buchholz

  3. Garret Stone

  4. Victoria Rocha

  5. Tenlee Fenske

  6. Theo Breitenback

  7. Reese Flannagan

  8. Cayden Hines

  9. Isaiah Hurley

  10. Reeghan Willis O’Connor

  11. Dallas Zimmerman and Oaklynn Soulek

  12. Luta Rowland


  1. Ayiona RedDay

  2. Mast Family

  3. Bridgette Byrd

  4. Chloe Cadotte

  5. Mason Fortin

  6. Magnuson Family (Gabbie, Gannon, Grayson)

  7. Tyrah, Maria, Karalynn Loudner

  8. Ryleigh Heinzman

  9. Molly Kirkpatrick

  10. Alissa Kirsh

  11. Liliana Mendoza

  12. Dominique and Amelia Skovbo

  13. Cara and Christian Tidwell

  14. Lala and Donald Tyson

  15. Addison Woodraska

  16. Bryhstol Myers

  17. Austyn Palmer

  18. Oaklee and Nealee Cwach

  19. Sofia and Edgar Uribe Kiner

  20. Lucy Thompson

Our lions had so much fun with this month's fitness challenge. Check out the dance party in front of a building where you can get books! So much fun!
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The best part of staying active, besides the health benefits, is that you get to have FUN. Something as simple as a balloon can keep your mind and body active.

Habits of Mind

Longfellow focuses on students making good choices based on Habits of Mind. Every month, 2 habits will be highlighted. Each teacher will choose a student of themonth who demonstrates that month's habits of mind. Way to go Lions! We are SO proud of you!!

April's habits of mind are:

Responding With Wonderment and Awe: Have fun figuring it out!

Finding the world awesome, mysterious and being intrigued with phenomena and beauty.

Finding Humor: Laugh a little!

Finding the whimsical, incongruous and unexpected. Being able to laugh at one's self.

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student of the month


Brooks Giblin is the BK student of the month! Brooks loves to explore and learn new things. He loves to ask questions and respond with wonderment and awe. Brooks also does a great job at making his friends smile and laugh. He is a joy to have in class. I am so proud of him! Way to go Brooks!


Jordan Stange is Mrs. Hauck's student of the month. Jordan is a great friend and loves to bring others joy. She is good at finding humor if something does not go as planned. Jordan also loves to learn new things. She is in awe and loves to explore everything around her. Jordan has grown so much this year. I am proud of you Jordan!


Madison Boehmer is KNs student of the month. Madison is great at finding humor in situations and always being flexible! She loves to learn and is always wondering! Way to go, Madison!


Hawkyn Zilla is the KR student of the month for Responding with Wonderment & Awe and Finding Humor. Hawkyn explores the world around him and can point out some pretty amazing things that many others would overlook each day. He helps us reflect on all the beautiful things in the world around us. When things are not going as planned in our day we can count on Hawkyn to help us find humor. Keep up the great work Hawkyn!


Ellie Reindl is the student of the month for 1H. Ellie shows curiosity and interest in new ideas or topics as they are introduced in the classroom. She is able to find humor in situations and is quick to share a smile with those around her. Her smiles are contagious! Way to go Ellie!


Tito Castillo is the student of the month for 1S! Tito enjoys school and learning new things. Tito is curious, constantly learning, and sharing what he has learned with his classmates. Tito also has a great sence of humor. He wears a smile each day to school and laughs each day! Way to go Tito!


Myles Aaker is the student of the month for 1V! Myles loves learning new things and responds with wonderment and awe, often saying, "Wow!" He enjoys sharing those new facts with his classmates and teachers. Myles also loves to find humor, anything that can make him and his classmates laugh and be entertained. You are amazing, Myles!


Lauren Wilson is 2B's student of the month for April. Lauren is great at finding humor. She loves new experiences and responds with wonderment and awe. She appreciates the little things and new experiences in our classroom. Keep up the good work and keep being a great example for your classmates.


Asher Kaus is Mrs. McPeek's student of the month. Asher is always in wonderment to what is happening around him. He is intrigued by new things he sees and experiences. He also finds humor in his mistakes. He shakes it off and moves on. He always has a way to make someone laugh and smile when they need it the most. Great job, Asher!


Leighton Backlund is 2J's Student of the Month! Leighton beightens any room she walks into, and is such a positive role model for her classmates. She always has a smile on her face and is the first to find humor in any situation. Keep being awesome, Leighton!


Avery Eldeen is Mrs. Bakhtiari’s class pick for this month. Avery is a great friend that always listens and responds with excitement. She is able to find humor if she makes a mistake and also when her teacher makes a mistake. :) Keep laughing Avery!


Victor Tovar is 3G's student of the month. Victor loves to learn new things. He is a great classmate to all and will notice when a friend is in need. Victor loves to laugh and make others feel happy. I am so proud of you Victor!


Olivia Vaughan is 3K's student of the month. She always has a positive attitude and finds humor when appropriate. She sees the good in all people and situations and we are so glad she joined us at Longfellow this year. I am proud of you, Olivia!


Jorge Figueroa-Melendrez is 4N's student of the month for April! When thinking of someone in the class who always keeps it light-hearted and fun, it's easy to think of Jorge. He's the first one to make someone laugh and is always excited for what the day has in store. He's a friend to everyone and 4N and Den C would not be the same without him! Thank you for being you, Jorge!


Ayiona Red Day is 4S's student of the month for April! Ayiona has really grown a lot this year. Ayiona shows Wonderment and Awe when learning new and interesting things, sharing something exciting and when exciting things are happening around her. Ayiona is also always able to find humor, she is great at making her friends laugh as well as herself. Keep growing Ayiona, I am so proud of you!


Alannah Lang is 4/5K's student of the month for April! Alannah is great at finding humor throughout the day. She also always has a smile on her face. Alannah practices responding with wonderment and awe while at school as well whenever she learns something new or sees something she hasn't seen before. Way to go Alannah!


Theo Briggs is 5A's Student of the Month for April. Theo is always responding with wonderment and awe. He is engaged and continuously thinking about what we are learning, and he looks for ways to think outside of the box. He is always able to find humor in situations. Whenever you see Theo, he always has the biggest smile on his face and a positive attitude. Super job, Theo! I am proud of you!


Dylan Waltz is 5M's student of the month!! Dylan is always ready to make someone smile or cheer you up when you're down. He is great at responding with wonderment and awe when he learns something new. He especially loves sharing his fascination with World War facts. Dylan has a huge heart and always puts others before himself. he finds humor in uncertain situations and always has a positive attitude about things. Dylan, I am so so proud of you and all the growth you have made this year, keep up the great work and keep being YOU!

Upcoming testing

It's time for the South Dakota summative testing to begin for students in 3rd-5th grades. We will kick things off right away after returning from Easter break and continue through May 7th. Please make sure your student is in school each day and on time. It is also important that they have a good breakfast on these days. Keep in mind that breakfast is being served at no charge for the time being so have your child here before 8:00 AM to take advantage of this temporary benefit.
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Safe surfers!

Fourth- and fifth-grade students from Longfellow Elementary School in Mitchell, South Dakota, won the National FBI Safe Online Surfing (FBI-SOS) award in the large school category for the month of December 2020. The students at Longfellow scored 91.60 percent to beat out every other participating school in the country in that category for the month.

During December 2020, a total of 162,185 students in 2,280 schools in all 50 states and U.S. territories took the exam nationwide to compete for the award.

FBI Special Agent Matt Miller will present a certificate to the students during a presentation at the school at 8:30 a.m. Tuesday, March 23, 2021. The FBI-SOS Internet Challenge was developed with the assistance of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and with the input of teachers and schools. Anyone — young or old, in the U.S. or worldwide — can complete the activities on the FBI-SOS website. The testing and competition, however, are open only to students in grades 3-8 at public, private, or home schools in the United States and its territories.

Open to all public, private, and home schools nationwide, the FBI-SOS initiative is a free, age-appropriate, competitive and fun online program that promotes cyber citizenship and teaches students in third through eighth grades how to recognize and respond to online dangers — like Internet predators and cyberbullying — and covers topics such as social networking and gaming safety. Every month during the school year, the FBI recognizes the top-scoring schools in each of its three size categories, based on the number of students participating from each school.

random acts of art

Thank you!

A special thnk you to all of the famlies who ordered Papa Murphy's pizza during our Longfellow Papa Murphy's fundraiser. Our Longfellow PTO thanks you for supporting the event! We will find out our final proceed amount soon.

Zoo Mobile visits Longfellow

The Zoo Mobile visited us from The Great Plains Zoo in Sioux Falls. Our learners got to see some small critters and learned lots of interesting facts. Thank you Great Plains Zoo for sharing your animals with us!
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Scholarship opportunity

Do you have a child graduating this year? Did he/she attend Longfellow Elementary? If so, he/she has the opportunity to apply for a $500 scholarship for post-secondary school. All applications must be submitted to the Longfellow Elementary School office by April 16, 2021. Please visit the High School counselor's office if you are interested in applying.
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Call or text Robyn at 605-770-9839 to set up an appointment please. We DO have forms here so you or your child can come to the office and ask for a Dental form.

Events Calendar

contact us

As always, please contact the office if your student will be absent, leaving early, or coming in late for any reason. Please include a doctor's slip if your child has a doctor appointment.

Noel Ahlers-Administrative Assistant

Lisa Heckenlaible-Principal