Dark Souls 3- Best Starter Class

(For A New Player)

What is Dark Souls 3?

Dark Souls 3 is an action-role-playing game. You can pick from a multitude of classes. You can level up through the game and also get different kinds of armor and weapons. The Dark Souls series is considered one of the hardest game series ever.

The Best Starting Class (In My Opinion)

In my opinion, the Knight class is the best starting class. It allows you to take the most damage out of any of the classes. That's good for people who are new to the game and aren't able to use the controls correctly yet. You start off with good armor, a sword, and a shield.
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PvP Use (player versus player)

The knight is also the best for pvp. It gives you the best starting stats overall. The knight class is the best class overall for most situations.
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