Ashton Stewart's Future

Help others achieve their dreams and you will achieve yours.

Who am I?

I am Ashton Stewart. I have lots of interests, skills, and values, and they are...

Interests- singing, academics, and being able to help others.

Skills- I am good at singing, learning, talking, and helping others.

Values- I value friendships, religion, knowledge, helping other people, and much more.

My self-esteem is pretty good, also. I have a well-balanced realistic sense of self-esteem. Also, I am a Linguistic and Interpersonal Learner. This means that I am word smart and people smart.

Where am I Going?

My Career as a...

My career is an elementary school teacher. I would plan lessons that teach students subjects, such as reading and math, and skills, such as study and social skills, assess students to evaluate their abilities, strengths, and weaknesses, teach students as an entire class or in small groups the lessons they have planned, and much more.

The median salary is $51,660.

The job outlook for this career is that it's expected to grow 17% from 2010-2020.

The career cluster it's in is Education and Training.

They generally work school hours when students are present, and a traditional 10 month school year with a 2-month break during the summer.

They work in public and private schools. While seeing students learn can be rewarding, teaching also may be stressful.

Something interesting about this career is that the two tasks this worker woukd perform most are initiate, facilitate, and modern classroom discussions, and evaluate and grade students' class work, assignments, and papers.

How do I Get There?

I would like to go to the University of Arkansas Fort Smith (UAFS).

It is located in Fort Smith, Arkansas.

I would like to go to this college because it is very close to home, and it has the kind of programs I need in order to get a degree for my career.

For my career, I would need to have at least a bachelor's degree, and some also take classes in education and child psychology, which is what I will probably do.

The cost per hour at this college is $133 per hour.

I would hope to apply for a Freshman Prestigious Scholarship or a Freshman Merit Scholarship.

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