Ghostpatrol and Miso

By Ella Fellows

Why They Make there artworks

Miso spent a lot of her childhood making clothes and drawing. With her skill she started doing paste ups around the city, that's when people started to notice her talent and her work got an audience. Street art inspired Ghostpatrol to make art. When he was a kid he started to play around with stencils, stickers and tagging. Later on he became a more serious drawer. Ghostpatrol describes art as fun.
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They make their artworks to:

  • Show people there work

  • Show other artists there work

  • Share their message presented in the artwork

  • Just because they love to draw; it's there passion and their special talent.

How do they make their artworks?

They use a wide range of techniques like:

Fine art drawing, prints, wall murals, off cuts, life-size paste-ups, soft sculpture installations, graffiti, drawing and cutting.

Their favorite mediums include spray paint, oil paints and chalks.

What influenced them?

The both of them watched cartoons as children such as Mickey Mouse, Tom and Jerry and many other animated TV shows, which have drawing techniques throughout the show. Miso grew up in the country side of Ukraine, which now inspires them as well. Ghostpatrol and Miso are influenced by their childhood experiences, friendships and life’s travels.

Who Will See there Artwork

As some artworks are in a public location they are open for view by everyone in the general public. You don’t need to visit a gallery (although fame and interest has led to exhibitions in art galleries). However, some are inside buildings or at the top of buildings so the audience is limited. Some of these buildings have been converted into apartments, therefore the art has been destroyed. Graffiti is often a temporary art form.

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