Marooned in 4th Grade

September 3rd-7th

A Look At Our Week

  • We will begin working on our Benchmark #1 tests on Study Island throughout the week.
  • Reading & Spelling--My Library is a Camel--Vocab and Spelling test on Friday. Listen to Story Here

  • Math--We will be working on Rounding, adding, and subtracting numbers. Lessons 1.6-1.7

  • Science--Plant Parts

  • Language--Sentence Punctuation, Subjects, and Predicates

PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports)

This week we will begin awarding points for positive behavior. Students will be recognized for being SAFE, RESPECTFUL, and RESPONSIBLE.

Click HERE to see the student handbook. You will find what the students can collect points for.

Reminders/Mark Your Calendar

  • AR has started. 1st quarter AR goals must be met by the end of the school day on October 12th.

  • September 4th--Before School Tutoring Starts
  • September 5th--Cookie Dough Forms Due
  • September 6th--STARS (South Parent Group) Meeting at 5:30 in cafeteria
  • September 6th--Last day to order School Shirt
  • September 12th--School Pics
  • September 14th--Homecoming
  • September 24th-29th--Delta Fair
  • September 27th--No School

Spelling and Vocabulary Words


skill, crime, grind, tonight, brick, flight, live, chill delight, build, ditch, decide, witness, wind, district, inch, sigh, fright, remind, split, ignorant, recognize, advice, twilight, rigid


access--a way to acquire something

remote--far away

isolated--separate from other places or people

impassable--impossible to travel across

obtain--to get something using effort

extremes--very hot, cold, or wet

virtual--occurring on a computer rather than in real life

avid--eager; excited

devour--to thoroughly enjoy something

preserve--to maintain and keep safe