By Michelle Pina

Daisy's past life

In The Great Gatsby, Daisy and Gatsby were together 5 years ago. Gatsby left to war and she promise that she would wait for him. He took long to come back, that daisy was desperate for love. Later on, she married a wealthy man name Tom and had a daughter name Pammy. She moved with him to East Egg across from Gatsby.

Her Life With Tom

She married Tom because she wanted a wealthy man and she wanted to be loved. Even though he was brutal to her.

Spending Time WIth Gatsby

Tom has met Gatsby and he notice that Daisy has something to do with him. So he lets Gatsby drive his car which is a blue coupe, and Tom rides with Nick and Jordan. They go to the city and stay at a hotel. From there things get tense, Gatsby tells Tom that Daisy doesnt love him but Daisy Doesnt choose to who to stay with. Later on, Gatsby dies, Nick calls Daisy and tells her but she couldnt go to his funeral because she wasnt around there.
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Favorite Couple of the 1920

Everyone thinks Daisy and Tom are the best couple. But they both keep secrets from each other. They both look so happy when they are together. He may buy her everything but do they really love each other?