Word Study Resource: Story Champs

A language and vocabulary supplement for K-2nd grade ELA

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Sound familiar?

  • "My students are struggling with vocabulary, comprehension and social communication skills."
  • "Using background knowledge and text structure to comprehend stories is difficult for many of my kids."
  • "It takes so long for students to generate ideas and engage in rehearsal for writing."

Story Champs is a multi-tiered language curriculum that builds the vocabulary, schema and story structures required for language comprehension, reading comprehension and written expression. Weekly lessons delivered whole-class and/or in small groups use narrative language to bridge speaking and listening with reading and writing. This word study resource supplements the following areas of within a K-2 ELA block:

McKenna & Stahl

What does Story Champs look like in action?

Does it align with the Essential Literacy Practices?

Story Champs materials support the implementation of Essential Practices 2 (Read Aloud), 6 (Writing Instruction), and 7 (Vocabulary).

Is it effective for special populations?

Story Champs materials have been studied along with other narrative language instructional protocols and been found to be highly effective for students who are English Learners, students who have language delay, and students with autism and social communication delays. Check out Dr. Trina Spencer's podcast for Anderston Center for Autism about the effectiveness of narrative language instruction for students with autism.