Terrorism.... Bad?

By: Sam and Micah

The Children!!!!

The children who can not decide for themselves are targeted. They are being born into the thought of terrorism of strict Shria Law.

The Christians!!!!!

Christians are EVERYWHERE!!!! Especially near the Vatican. The Vatican was targeted by the terror group, Al Qaida, back in 2010. Who is stopping them? NO ONE!!!! Maryland Rep John Delaney says, "This is .... a reminder about the world we're in right now. .... I do think there's a larger narrative about Christian persecution (by) militant groups around the world."

Terrorism - the state of fear and submission produced by terrorism or terrorization

What about the Muslims

NO ONE is safe from terror groups. Most victims of ISIS are fellow Muslims who refuse to go along with the ISIS worldview and ruthless tactics

Terrorism on your front porch

Terrorism does not have to be actual attacks, with guns or explosives. It can be found even in neighborhoods and places around the world that does not even have terrorist groups. Shootings, robbing, harassing and many more acts of violence can be aquantined with terrorism.

Olivia Archbold

In The Arms Of An Angel Original - Olivia Archbold by Olivia Archbold