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For GHES Teachers - - Oct 2016

A few things going on.....

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What a great resource! If you haven't heard the benefits, here are just a few:

~One login and password for all databases

~All databases housed in one location with seamless access

~I can set up groups for you for specific relevant resources for your lessons/units with easy access for your learners

What should you do to get started:

1. If you haven't had your learners download the Mackinvia app/extension, please have them download it on their iPads or Chromebooks.

2. If I haven't done a lesson with your students on how to use Mackinvia, schedule a time with me and I'll show you and/or teach your kids how to access it.

Breakout EDU

If you've ever experienced an Escape Room, you know it brings a sense of excitement! We have the opportunity to incorporate some Breakout EDU sessions with the Global Read Aloud. Our first attempt will be with the GRA and then we can use what we learned to incorporate it into other areas of the curriculum! I will share more information with you in the next few weeks. If you are interested in participating, just sent me an email.

Global & Real World Connections

Several ways GHE has connected globally or made real-world connections:

~2nd Grade class skyped & connected with class in San Jose for GRA

~3rd Grade skyped with meterologists @ NWS in El Paso while learning about weather

~5th Grade class skyped with class in Queensbury, NY with a mystery math/location Skype

~4th Grade class skyped with GRA partner in Ontario, Canada

~2nd Grade class skyped with BCE for Dot Day

~Several 5th Grade classes skyped with student who was on a mission trip in Africa

~Several 3rd Grade classes watched Live Stream interview with a storm chaser

~Traditional 4th Grade scheduling parents/speakers to come in each month to share how they use math in their professions to help learners make real life connections with math

~Several other GRA connections with other classes

Great job, GHES! These are just some of the ways we've connected. If these connections spark an idea of a way you would like to connect to others outside the walls of our school to enhance your curriculum, just share your needs with me!