The world war I

A tragic period of history

The biggest tragedy ever

This war was one of the biggest wars ever. It was from 1914 to 1918. There were two alliances: The Central powers (Germany, Austria-Hungary, Italy) and in the other side The Allies (UK, France, Russia). The war started because a lot of reasons. The most important was that the duke Francisco F. from Austria was killed. In the war more than 9 millions of soldiers died. At the end of the war the Society of the Nations was created with the objetive of prevent another terrible war.

The important of remembering this event

Remember things that happened in the past is very important because you can understand your history and why you are in the place that are you now. This event was a really terrible war and we think that is important to remember it because a lot of people died. Another cause to remember it is to prevent this and never live something too much terrible like that.

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