By Jordan Wood

What is the Internet?

The internet is made up of millions of individual networks brought together forming an inter network, which never caught on so was shortened from inter network to internet which we all know and use today. A huge part of the internet is the World Wide Web, which is made up of many web sites which have one or more web pages, the part of the internet you most probably use most. But the internet isn't just websites:

* Instant Messaging *Chat rooms *Email *File transfers *peer to peer networks *forums

The World Wide Web (WWW)

The internet is NOT the SAME as the World Wide Web, the internet is to the world wide web like Europe is to France, one is the container the other is an item within the container. The World wide Web (WWW) or The Web is part of the Internet but much YOUNGER, the internet has been around about 40 years where in the web has only been about 20 years. The complete web is Organised as millions of Websites, each website is made up of one or more Web pages. Each page is made up of Text, Images, and other multimedia such as video or audio.

Websites, Pages and Browsers Use this link for information