Egg Drop

What did not work.

You are here to learn.

You may not be able to predict the future, well neither can I. My class and I walk in to the classroom not knowing what will happen. Our Teacher greeted us as we walked in. He told us we are doing an egg drop. The next few days we were working on our egg drop contraption called the SP18T. When we finished we went outside and witnessed my groups egg get dropped from a firetruck. Though we failed we had a great time.

I am here for you today to help you Learn.

These are some bumps my group hit on the road, Beware of these bumps. Always pay attention, Follow directions, Listen to the teacher, Ask friends not in your group for advice or ideas, Ask people in your group for there thoughts and advice, and do not be afraid to test,


Ideas were welcome in our group thought one stood out we chose to put the cotton balls in the dixie cups then put our egg inside of the dixie cups and put a parachute on top to slow the fall.


Then we had weird testing rituals. One person through it at the walls another through it at the floor, then we pulled it together started dropping it from desks, tables, and chairs.

Changing and ideas

We did not have much changes we suck with that idea the whole way but we kept adding then we would take the stuff we added off the things we kept that we add was the parachute. We did have lots of ideas though.


We did not have much improvements the parachute was the best improvement which turns out did not help as much as we thought it would.


It was drop day we thought we were prepared and we could make it. We were waiting for ours to drop we were watching peoples egg break and succeed. Then ours came the Parachute was not as helpful as we thought it would be. The parachute started to spin out of control and our egg hit the ground. We felt around it and we felt cracks we knew our egg had been broken.

Special thanks go out to my partners, Raymond Niec, Lucas Gracyalny, and Kolin Farrar.