Google Play and iTunes app store

The differences between the two app stores.

In my opinion, I think that iTunes focus's more on their music than anything else. They sell more music and movies than anything else. I know they have a lot of games. The thing about that is, more people use the free games than the bought games. If somebody thinks that the game isn't going to be good, then they will either, not try it, or they will use the free one. The same thing goes for android. it all depends on the ratings and if its a popular game/song or not.

When it comes to prices, Apple has the higher prices on their stuff than Android does. Apple likes to make more profits by making their games more expensive. It also has to do with graphics. Apple tries to make the graphics better than Android so more people will want it from them instead. In my opinion, android has better prices and deals on their apps and music.
The layouts of the store are totally different. The layout of iTunes is where you click what you want to do on the bottom. On Google Play, you click what you want on the sides. There isn't a huge difference, but you can tell they're different. Google Play isn't as complicated as iTunes is. That's my opinion though.
I think that Google Play is an easier app store to access. All your choices are simpler to find. It doesn't take as long to load when your searching for an app. iTunes takes a few seconds longer than Google Play does to load.
I have a 2nd generation Ipod. I cant get games that i used to be able to get ever sense they updated to ios 6. i find that very frustrating. i think everybody who has an ipod (no matter what generation it is) should be able to get all the apps.
I believe that iTunes has more apps that Google Play does. Google play limits you on apps depending on what kind of phone you have. If you have an Android phone that is incompatible with apps then it wont show you the apps you cant get. I like that about Google Play. iTunes has better quality over all but it wont ever be as good as Google Play.
1. Understanding the publishing process
2. Understanding the policies and terms
3. Test for core app quality
4. Determine your apps content rating
5. Determine country distribution
6. Confirm the apps overall size
7. Confirm the apps platform
8.Determine if your app is going to be free or priced
9. Consider using in app billing
10. Set prices for your product
11. Start localization
12. Prepare promotional graphics