K-2 Team Newsletter

April 13, 2020

Principal's Message

Welcome to Week 3 of Distance Learning...we made it! I finally feel like I have a balanced schedule between homeschooling my kiddos and work. I hope you too are finding some balance as well. Thank you for your awesome questions that are helping us make our distance learning program even better. Keep pushing us because we want to make this a good experience for our scholars, families, and YOU - our teachers as well. We are so proud of all the hard work you are putting in so that our scholars can continue their education through this pandemic! Thank you all for every virtual meeting you have attended, every feedback you have provided to scholars, every call you have made to families, every video & assignment you have posted!

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School Wide Focus

Distance Learning Plan

The K-2 team created a survey to poll our families on how distance learning has been going thus far. Shout out to Danielle for the amazing idea and helping to create the survey as well as Molly for helping make adjustments. Below you will find some awesome comments families shared about their experience! You should find some joy and satisfaction that you ALL are doing an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G job with distance learning!

Family Shout Outs:

  • No complaints. I appreciate the hard work and effort the staff has put into place to make sure our scholar’s stay motivated and have other things to focus on during this time. Kudos, to EEP!

  • Thank you for all of the work you have put in to help us teach our kids from home!

  • No concerns. I’m satisfied and appreciative of the consistency and handwork put into developing weekly material.

  • Overall super great experience and super thankful for all of the extra effort teachers are putting into this. Ansley's teachers are amazing. We love them so much! They are both very responsive to me sending her texts of her work as well as commenting on assignments I upload.

  • No concerns thank you to all teachers and support you guys Rock!!

  • Thank you teachers as a teacher you all are doing well! Thank you for what you are doing.

  • Teachers are been great, helpful and really supportive during this process, I’m really thankful.

Q3 Report Cards

Thanks for working with Rhodes and Eva to get grades updated for Q3! We are working on getting report cards ready to be sent to families electronically by April 30th.h. You will see an email with Eva detailing more information coming out soon.

Retention Tracker

As discussed in our grade level team meetings the retention tracker can be found here. This is due tonight by 8 pm. Please make sure you are adding detailed notes in the "retention candidate & why" section. It is very important you clearly present a case for retention. The admin team will review and talk with grade level teams then submit the final names to the executive team. Once the list has been approved, the admin team will reach out to the teachers and families to set up meetings. DO NOT CONTACT FAMILIES until you have heard back from your principal.

Teacher Survey

We want to poll our teaching staff to see how we can also make changes for the better. One day early this week you will be receiving an email from Eva asking for your feedback to improve our Distance Learning Experience. Please plan to carve out 10-15 minutes of your time before Thursday of this week to complete the survey.

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Deans of Academics

As we head into Week 3 of Distance Learning, here are some reminders for everyone!

  • Organization: All Google Classrooms should be organized by dates using this wording: Monday Assignments, Tuesday Assignments, Wednesday Assignments, Thursday Assignments, Friday Assignments. We want to make assignments easier for families to access and think this will be one way to help!

  • K-2 Family Survey: Families received a call out and a link in each of your Google Classrooms with a Family Survey asking questions about the first few weeks of distance learning including things parents like and areas for improvement. This survey is due 4/12 for families. We will communicate key trends during our GLMs this week as well as share these responses with you so we can all make distance learning accessible.

  • Archiving Plans: Please make sure to archive the previous week’s assignments at 5 PM on Sunday. This will ensure your classrooms are neat and families and scholars can clearly see what needs to be completed.

  • Feedback: Teachers should continue to mark assignments as turned in AND leave feedback on all scholar’s work. We want scholars to make sure they feel seen and are getting feedback so they can improve their practice.

Recap...What’s Due this Week???

  • Office Hours (posted to your classroom)

  • Grade Team Meeting

  • Check in calls with your scholars (update on communication log)

  • Plan, record, and upload the videos and assignments to all grade level classrooms for the content for which you are responsible for

  • K-2 Team Meeting

April 17th

  • DUE: All Teacher Videos and Student Assignments for week of April 20th uploaded and assigned in Google Classroom by 5 P.M Friday, April 17th

  • DUE: Phone calls to all scholars and special comments if needed --> Week 4 Log

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Dean of Culture

We Miss Our Scholars Friday Video - linked below!

Dean of Culture Google Classroom Assignment

I posted an assignment this week on google classroom due April 17th. Scholars can write/type a short letter of encouragement to the healthcare workers who are now on the frontlines of this battle vs COVID-19. Our healthcare professionals are working so hard while showing strength, love and wisdom in the mist of some of the hardest times they ever had to face. So many are tired, and at times scared. This battle is unpredictable and may last much longer than any of us want to consider, so letters from the children would provide much needed nourishment to their souls. They would love to know that while they are working in such uncertain times, someone else is thinking about them.

  • Scholars may draw pictures, take silly pictures, create sidewalk chalk drawing, upload poems, etc.

  • When you talk to scholars, encourage them to get creative and put love into what they produce because it will be sent to healthcare professionals in our local area hospitals.

Scholar of the Week

Teachers you will choose the scholar of the week if it is your will to choose like we do leadership tee. You will have them send you a picture by Friday and email the picture and brief description of why they are the Scholar of the week.

For the week of April 13th

Kinder- Washington

1st- Lipscomb

2nd- Kentucky


This grade level had 98% of scholars on Google Classroom!
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Friday Motivation Video

We Miss Our Scholars! Stay Safe! Stay Healthy!
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Dean of SEL

I have enjoyed hearing all of your voices this week, and look forward to another week of learning. The SEL lesson this week will be around mindful eating, and scholars will need to complete the activity and respond in a comment.

Please remember to tag me in the tracker if you need to get in touch with a parent, or you believe a scholar/family needs SEL support!

Thanks for all you do!

Habit of the Month

Sharpen the Saw: fuel your body and mind at the same time. Eat to nourish your body and be mindful of all you do. Pay attention to how often you are moving your body, growing your brain, and resting at night. It’s hard to balance all of these things from home, but you can ask someone else to make sure that you are doing these things together. You may even need to help grown ups make sure that they are doing these things!

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Upcoming Events

April 14th

  • 1st GLM 1:30-2:30

April 15th

  • Kinder GLM 1:30-2:30

April 16th

  • 2nd GLM 1:30-2:30

April 17th

  • K-2 Team Meeting 2:00-3:00

April 19th

  • Allie's Bday

April 20th

  • Montgomery's Bday

April 25th

  • Alicia's Bday
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Shout Out to Caroline Montgomery for all of her hard work with our ELL scholars! She has made an extensive effort to get in touch with families, meet kids where they are at, and has put in many hours to ensure scholars are learning!

Shout out to Kristin and Claire for another marathon of IEP meetings and both of your eagerness around problem solving!

Shout Out to Crystalline for all of her proactive planning around Friday celebrations. She has worked hard to keep systems in place to keep scholars on track!

Shout Out to Caroline Rhodes for working hard on the hiring process!

Shout Out to Danielle again for helping to create the K-2 parent survey for distance learning!

Shout Out to 2nd Grade Team for their thoughtfulness around pre-planning support for scholars of concern for 20-21!

Shout Out to Mia for all her hard work assisting with our SPED babies!

Shout Out to the Admin Team for being such great thought partners thinking about 20-21 and super supportive...it means a lot!

Shout Out to Victoria for her super cool sock puppet video lesson!

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  • Reach out to Dr. P and Rhodes if you are ill and will not be able to work
  • Accept all Google calendar meeting invites and communicate with your coach and Dr. P if you are not going to make it
  • Review the quick find docs below for any documents/resources you may need
  • Remember to smile...WE GOT THIS

Quick Find Docs

Scholar Communication Log click here

Family Call Script click here

Translation Services Needed click here

EEP Distance Learning FAQs click here

K-2 Distance Learning PPT click here

K-2 Wrap Up PPTs Week 1 Week 2

Staff Office Hours click here

Scholar Email Addresses click here

Parent Email and Contact Info click here

Daily Expectations for Teachers click here

Weekly Scope and Sequence click here

Good Idea Spotlight click here

MOBC COVID-19 Resources here

Dr. Tianay Perrault

Lower Elementary Principal