By: Jacqueline West

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Olive heard a neighbor talking about a spell book that was hidden in her house. Olive gets curious feeling obsessed to finding this book! It was calling her name but of course with 3 cats guiding her away from the book of wonders in magic she sneaks trying to find it herself. As Olive stumbles upon this enchanted book she will have to help her friend Morton?

Rising Action

Olive buries the painting that had Annabelle in it because Annabelle tried Olive. Olive gets attached to the book and in return the cats gave a warning saying “you will end up like Annabelle” but did Olive listened, NOPE!!! She felt like she knew the book well enough and that bad spells could not touch her with her head up in the clouds.


Olive is still obsessed with the spell book, but when she finds herself climbing a tree she was actually climbing her house WHILE she was sleep walking! Then she figures out she dug up the painting of Annabelle.

Falling Action

Annabelle wants revenge so she tries to push Morton with Olive into the painting. Annabelle then wants to set the painting on fire with them held captive by the evil and rage in Annabelle so the both of them would be stuck in the painting FOREVER. Mrs. Nivens blocks them and ends up on fire left as a black smudge on the ground.


Annabelle is never to be seen again. As for Morton he goes back home with Harvey, Leopold and Horatio. Olive is happy that she used the magic for good just like Mrs. Nivens told her also she feels safe with Annabelle out of the way.

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Olive is an 11 year old girl who is very curious. She has 2 parents who are both math teachers. Olive is an only child and has 3 magical cats that are her friends.

Harvey, Leopold and Horatio

These 3 cats are the protectors of the spell book. Their magic so they can talk. Harvey acts like an agent so you would see him hiding in bushes and trees. Horatio guards a door that is in the attic and all he ever does is guard! Leopold follows Olive around to keep an eye on her.


Rutherford is a neighbor of Olive. Rutherford studies stuff on the past like dinosaurs and soldiers even castles. He also carves little figures out of wood.


Morton use to be a regular 8 year old boy with a normal family, but he was taken away from his family and ends up being trapped in a painting.


Annabelle is a mean, mean lady who was also trapped in a painting and wants to get revenge on Olive.
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Moral of the story

The moral of the story is when Olive was being greedy with the spell book and what im trying to say is that when Olive was attached to the spell book she didn’t listen and wanted to do stuff on her own so she ended up in a bad position, she had no one to count on anymore she was alone. So she solved the problem herself and used the magic for good. Never use anything for a bad use.