Energy For The Future

Meredith Granger


Three types of renewable energy are: wind, geothermal, and biomass. Wind energy is the energy from moving air. We get wind energy from the air above the land heating up more quickly than the air over water. The warm air over the land expands and rises the heavier cooler air rushes in to take the warm airs place. This creates wind. Then the wind spins the wind turbines making energy. Wind energy is renewable because it is generated by uneven heating of the earth's surface by the sun and the sun is considered a renewable resource.Geothermal energy is the energy generated in the Earth's core. We get geothermal energy from things like volcanoes, hot springs, and geysers. Most geothermal resources are near plate boundaries. Geothermal energy is a renewable because the heat is continuously produced inside the Earth. Biomass is the energy from plants and animals. We get it from plants that we harvest and eat and animals we eat. It is also in garbage and landfill gas. It is renewable because plants rely on the sun and so do animals, the sun is renewable. We should be using these sources of energy in the future because first of they are renewable unlike most main energy sources we use today such as petroleum, natural gas, coal and nuclear energy. We can always grow more trees and make more wind mills. These types of energy are also less damaging to the environment wind, biomass and geothermal all are natural and aren't man made.

Wind Energy in the Future

Three amazing things about wind energy:
  1. Modern wind turbines usually have 3 blades which can reach speeds at the tip of over 200 mph.
  2. One wind turbine could power up to 500 homes.
  3. Unlike other forms of energy, wind energy requires no water during production.

Wind is the energy of the future! Wind is everlasting it will die with us because it relies on the sun and all things will die when the sun dies, if it ever dose. Wind is everywhere so it's not only one place where you can get it, it's everywhere you go! Wind mills and turbines don't pollute the earth like other power plants. People aren't using these because of expenses, they cost a decent amount of money to make. Why care about money when the place you live is being damaged by other harmful energy creators. Although wind is a great energy maker some people don't enjoy the look of the wind mills and turbines. Some wind mills and turbines interfere with wild life and kill birds passing by. Some people don't like the noise of some of the wind turbines. We have to balance the downfalls with our desperate need of a better way to produce energy. Many bird are killed by other things such as cars or buildings. Would you rather have a windmill in your backyard that may or may not make some sort of noise or leave a polluted earth for the next generation? I would way rather have a wind mill in my backyard, so why wouldn't you? We need to start taking charge and building things that make renewable energy because the nonrenewable energy is going to run out then we'll have no more oil, natural gas, petroleum, coal or uranium. All the nonrenewable energy is use as 91% of our energy and we need to be able to use renewable energy before we run out of nonrenewable energy and have to source of energy! We need to save our Earth and start using renewable energy now.

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