Gwynedd Friends School Happenings

A peek at things to come in November...

Important Dates for your calendar

10/31: Halloween Parade & Program @ 9:15am

11/1 & 11/4: Speech Screenings

11/1: PSC Meeting @ 7pm

11/2: Daily drop-in Lunch Bunch will NOT be offered; Yearly Lunch Bunch Friends only

11/22: Thanksgiving Lunch for children

11/22: School closing at 12pm for all classes, Lunch Bunch program closed

11/23, 11/24, 11/25: School Closed for Thanksgiving Holiday Break

11/28: School Resumes

11/29: Pre-K families: Kindergarten Information Session and Open House @ 9:15 (Invitation to follow)

Halloween Celebrations

We like to celebrate holidays, but we like to celebrate them with simplicity in mind. On October 31st, please send your child to school in his/her costume.

Halloween parade

After drop-off, parents are invited to gather on the blacktop to enjoy our school-wide Halloween parade at approximately 9:15am.

Following the parade

Join us in the Meetinghouse immediately after the parade for some festive songs. Once your child is back in the classroom, please stop in to help him/her out of the costume to bring back home for safe keeping.

Please note

* We kindly ask that costumes not be scary and that you leave any items that look like weapons at home.

* We are sorry, but families (and teachers) may not distribute Halloween toys or candy to anyone in our community.

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Pumpkins, pumpkins, everywhere...

Pumpkin investigations are happening in all of our classrooms! The pumpkin fairy came to visit one of our groups, while another group went on a pumpkin hunt on the playground. Pumpkins have been cut open so that children could discover the insides. Seeds and chunks of pumpkin were roasted, classes also enjoyed plenty of pumpkins muffins and cookies. The Play Group had a pumpkin hiding inside of their daily guessing bag and painted little pumpkins with paint and glitter. The Threes read lots of books to learn how pumpkins grow from tiny seeds. The Pre-K classes have been practicing their sequencing and predicting skills when learning how a pumpkin grows. Kindergarteners are putting together a pumpkin math book. What a great way to celebrate the fall harvest and Halloween!

Speech Evaluations

Speech and language screenings will be conducted by Michele Halfpenny, MA, CCC-SLP, at Gwynedd Friends on Tuesday, November 1 and Friday, November 4. Michele is a licensed/certified Speech-Language Pathologist, and has had the opportunity to provide speech and language services to many children over the past several years. Michele specializes in pediatric speech and language disorders, and has over 15 years of experience.

Common communication delays and disorders are found in the following areas:

• Articulation – production of speech sounds

• Receptive Language – ability to understand language (understanding meanings of words, following directions, listening to stories and answering questions etc.)

• Expressive Language – ability to formulate language (using a rich vocabulary, using correct grammatical forms, formulating various sentence forms etc.)

• Fluency – rhythm of language (stuttering)

• Voice – quality of speech (hoarseness, appropriate pitch etc.)

Early identification and treatment of speech disorders is important. If you have any concerns with your child’s speech and language development, I am available to screen your child, and follow up to provide a formal, in-depth evaluation if necessary. I am in-network with Blue Cross and Aetna insurance, and also accept private pay. You can also have your child evaluated at no cost through the Montgomery County Intermediate Unit.

If you are interested in this service, please complete the permission form emailed last week and return it to Daena, with payment, by Friday October 28. If you need another form, let Daena know. The fee for the initial screening is $15.00, and is not covered by insurance. Please make check payable to "Michele Halfpenny".

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Interested in an early morning drop-off?

We are thinking of adding an 8:30am drop-off on Wednesday mornings. Please let Daena know if you are interested!

The Quaker testimony of Community

Testimonies are what Quakers call the ways we have found to live and act based on our beliefs. ~Friends General Conference

This month, the children and teachers will celebrate and learn more about the Quaker testimony of Community. In the classrooms, we define this testimony as caring for others in our families, school, and neighborhood. The Friends General Conference defines Community as "supporting one another in our faith journeys and in times of joy and sorrow; sharing with and caring for each other." Age-appropriate activities will be planned to celebrate the relationships we have in our families, classrooms, and school.

In the spirit of community, the children of Gwynedd Friends School will come together for a school-wide Thanksgiving meal. Our little friends will cook and bake with their teachers and parent volunteers from our PSC group will help to serve.

November's Service Project: Hope Gardens Meal & Canned Food Drive

This month, Gwynedd Friends School will be making a warm meal for all of the families at Hope Gardens. A sign-up poster with more information will be posted on the Parents Serving the Community (PSC) Board in the main hallway. If you are unable to come in to the building to sign up for a dish, but still wish to participate, please email Daena for assistance.

We will also be collecting canned food for Hope Gardens. The collection bins will be located in the main lobby and across from Daena's office.

From the Inter-Faith Housing Alliance's website: Hope Gardens is Inter-Faith Housing Alliance’s transitional housing program for low-income families with children. This program provides a secure home for families for up to two years while they gain the tools they need to become financially stable and self-sufficient. Hope Gardens is an eight-unit building with one-, two-, three-, and four-bedroom apartments to accommodate families of various sizes.

Families living at Hope Gardens receive comprehensive support services to help ensure their long-term success, including intensive case management, life skills education, basic needs support, and aftercare to ensure continued stability after graduation from the program.

We LOVE to play with cardboard boxes! Did you know the cardboard box was inducted into the Toy Hall of Fame?

Illness Policy Reminder

It is the time of the year that we begin to see more absences at school. Seems a good time to remind our families of Gwynedd Friends School's Illness Policy.

We want to keep our community of children and teachers healthy and will promote

good hygiene at school. Families should not bring children to school when they are ill.

Parents of any child who exhibits symptoms of illness such as fever, vomiting or diarrhea

will be asked to pick up their child immediately. Please note: administering

acetaminophen/ibuprofen (Tylenol, Advil, etc.) for a fever and then sending them to

school is not acceptable.

Please keep your child home:

*For 24 hours AFTER a fever has gone away without the use of Tylenol or Motrin.


*For 24 hours AFTER he/she becomes symptom-free from vomiting or diarrhea.

*For 24 hours AFTER an antibiotic has been started for a bacterial infection, such as

strep throat or pink eye.

*For a rash that has not yet been diagnosed by a doctor as non-communicable.

If your child is recovering from a cold or just having an “off” day, he/she may not be up

for coming to school. Please keep him/her home to rest. Sometimes a young child

might not be feeling well even though he/she does not have a fever.

When a child begins to exhibit symptoms of illness or develops a rash during the

program day, the family will be notified to come pick up their child. We do our best in

each circumstance to assess the child and will always err on the side of caution.

Children may be exposed to communicable diseases while attending Gwynedd Friends

School. Families will be notified in writing whenever their child may have been exposed.

The letter will contain information about the disease and the steps the family should

take for their child. If your child has acquired a communicable illness (e.g. pneumonia or

flu), please let the Head of School know immediately.