King George III


King George once said, he was “born for the happiness or misery of a great nation and consequently must act in contrary to [his own] passions.”(Roberts, 14). King George III was a very important person in the Revolutionary war as he had an effect on the colonies in many ways, he ruled Britain throughout all the struggles, and even after the war as he continued to get wrapped up in that revolutionary spirit. From the day he was born, King George was destined to become the greatest, most memorable king of Britain. He was born on June 4, 1738, as a weak baby, no one ever guessed George William Frederick would ever become one of Britain's most important king in history. The doctors said he would not survive. He did, however, which was a miracle at that time (Roberts, 7). George not only survived, he flourished throughout his life. His family background was very important to him, as he came from a German family who ruled Britain. He was known to have a strong heart, but a weak mind, for George always lagged behind in his studies. His mother, Princess Augusta of Saxe-Gotha, was his biggest influence and she wanted to help her son. His father, George II, had recently died, causing George III to experience depression (Roberts, 11-12). After hiring many tutors, King George’s mother wasn’t happy with any of them, eventually firing them all and hiring Lord Bute. Lord Bute taught George III everything he could know about being a king. Math, science, and other ordinary subjects were not at Bute’s interest (Roberts, 12). He taught George military strategy, fortification, manners, and social grace (Roberts, 12), skills that George would need to know when he became king. He also played the harpsichord, the flute, and fenced (Roberts, 12). Education soon became a normal part of George’s life and it was something that was very important to him. George absorbed everything he was taught and that shy, stubborn personality he had in the beginning, turned into a proud and intelligent young man. He worked hard and it all payed off, as King George III would become Britain’s most memorable king yet. King George III played a big part in the colonies and in England during the Revolution. It all started with his background, education, and his mentors. His childhood experiences created the king Britain soon get to know.

Facts about King George III

  • King George III did not have much to any power when he first took the throne
  • The Seven Year war(France vs Britain) affected Britain terribly with its debt, but it actually brought the nation together
  • The colonists blamed the Parliament at first for all the taxes being placed on them. They loved the king because he actually sided with them for a while freeing them from the taxes
  • The colonists put up a statue of King George III to symbolize their love for him
  • After Britain lost the war against America, King George felt so ashamed he offered to step down as king over it
  • 2 people, both mentally ill, tried to assasinate King George shortly after the war