Artificial organs

(Instant Millionaire) Newsletter By: Kadence Medina

What are Artificial organs?

An artificial is a man-made device that is implanted or integrated into a human
interfacing with living tissue to replace a natural organ . scientist believe that you will live longer with artificial organs.

The first artificial heart in the world. (Description)

The first artificial heart was made 42 years ago made at St. Luke's Hospital in Houston.For a 47 year old man named Haskell Karp who was dyeing of heart failure and waiting for a heart trance-plant.An the artificial heart was made to keep him a live for three days until a human heart was found available for trance-plant. But sadly he lived less then two days before the heart was available.The heart called Liotta-Cooley was an artificial heart who was named Dr.Domingo Liotta the first person to create an artificial organ.

Why don't people donate there organs? (Problem and solution)

People have some organs they can live without, so why won't people donate to those who are in need.There are 21 people who are dying every day waiting on hearts, so every year 7665 people die each year waiting for a heart to come in for their transplant.That's why there are artificial organs. Why would people wait that long if you can just get an artificial heart that will last even longer than a real heart?

What are artificial organs made out of?(Question and Answer)

Artificial organs are made out of plastic that is seeded with stem cells.What are stem cells you ask.Stem cells are a class of different cells that are able differentiate into specialized cell types. The stem cells are suppose to help the body recognize the new organ or artificial organ so in this case it is faster for the body to function like its normal self. When you get a transplant for either than a normal organ or an artificial organ your body takes some time to get use to it.

The human heart or artificial heart. (compare and contrast)

What do you think is better the human heart or an artificial heart? Well the human heart is an organ that will sometimes will fail on you.An artificial heart will last you a long time an will not fail on you like how a human heart would.An artificial heart would keep you alive longer but you would also have to carry a tank with you to keep the heart pumping.Which do you think is better?

People dying or people living? (Cause and effect)

What would you rather have people dying or people living.The reason why people are dying is because they are waiting for a trance plant.But the who are living are the ones that have an artificial heart or organ. That is the whole point of having artificial organs.The cause is people waiting for a trance plant, the effect is people dying.

The years that artificial organs were made. (Order and sequence)

In 1954, the first successful organ transplant was performed by Dr. Joseph Murray and David Hume. In 2006, the very first artificial lab-grown organ was a bladder created from a patient sample. Years later, several other organs and tissues have been created, including windpipes, urethras, hearts, livers, lungs, and thymii. In 2014 with the creation of a mouse thymus. This thymus was created from mouse fibroblasts.

Reasons why people get artificial organs.

The reasons people get artificial organs is because there organs sometime fail on them.But the only thing that is wrong with artificial organs is that you will have to carry a machine every were with you so it could pump the organ of what sort.The artificial organ will keep you alive longer than a real organ.