Le Post Mortem

By: Alex S.

Eloquent words of myself

- Unobtrusive

- Facetious

- Dispassionate

- Veteran

- Straightforward

- Unenthusiastic

- Gastronomic

- Examining

- Accommodating

- Intellectual

Is that high enough for ya Mrs. Box?

My favorite quotes

"The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting" Sun Tzu

This probably represents me the most because I like war, and I can end wars in the way said above.

"Time to make quotes" Anonymous

"Is mayonnaise an instrument?" Patrick Star

"You can't judge a fish's intelligence by it's ability to climb a tree" Albert Einstein

"I don't care" Lockdown

"Enlighten me, on what the heck a shooting star smells like" Anonymous

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Hobbies and Interests

I like to design games and write stories for said games. You might've played some of my games, and I bathe in your parent's cash. Some games include:

- Vox (Assistant Story Director)

- Planetside 2 (Competition Modeler)

- Paper RPG: Untold Story (Executive Designer)

- Into the Gloom (Assistant Translator)

- Beneath the Deep (Executive Designer)

Unreleased, Untitled, or failed games:

- Pixel Pirates

- Deep Hunter

- Some horror game

- Some type of racing game

- A random physics game

Oh and I also like to play games

The Influence

I am mainly influenced by other game developers and some previous world leaders. Not too much to say. The biggest would be the game dev community as a whole, we are all creative people, but some (like us game designers) can unlock it and blow it up in everyone's minds like a frag grenade.

A poem

Roses are red

Violets don't exist

This poem makes no sense


It suits me because I make no sense

My favorite places I've been to

- South Korea

- Thailand

That's it...

Transformers: Age of Extinction - CLIP: Lockdown Kills Ratchet (2014) | IMAX
A song

I'm still a human with feelings you know. I've lost people too.

And now some extra features

I love/hate


- Game designing

- Money

- Shiba Inu's

- SOME people (Not a lot of people) Notice the word SOME.


- Unintelligent people

- Catch phrases

- Singing animals

- "No Child Left Behind" program

- Coffee

- Racism

- Fascism

- Bonnie, Freddy, Foxy, and Chica

- Pancakes

- Peanut butter

- Selfies

- Instagram

- Gangs consisted of more than 5 people

- Shorts

- Tight clothing

- Being hot

- Not being cold

- Stolen Valor

- Talking animals

- People

- Tree huggers

- King George III

- 2 bedrooms in 1 room

- Supremacy groups

- Poodles

- Bulldogs

- Bomb threats

- Half cooked sunny side up eggs

- Cold soup

- Dry soup

- Surprise attacks

- Self obsessed people

- Cats

- Parrots

- Football

- Soccer

- Pay to win games (Unless they are fun)

- Dead Frontier traders

- Traitors

- Rats

- Overemotional people

- Not having 2 pilots in a Titan

- Not having a pilot

- Babies

- Children

- Child abusers

- Kidnappers

- Eating when full

- Forgetting stuff

- Someone getting credit for something I DID

- Getting blamed for something I DIDN'T DO

- Al Kuwaiti

- Turkish Military

- Headaches

- Migraines

- Knee surgery

- Spiders

- Spiders again

- La La Loopsy

- North Koreans

- East Koreans

- West Koreans

- Bad puns

- Advertisements

- Pop up advertisements

- Surveys

- Running out of power

- Running

- Asthma

- Failing

- Kunlun Mountains

What makes me laugh?

Funny things

My fears/pain



Balloon Boy

Marinate doll




Golden Freddy

What do I hide?

Nothing.... just move along now....

Work Ethics

- Do stuff

- Get stuff

Things that make me happy

- Money

- Free stuff

- More Money

- Shiba Inu's

- Money again

- Money

Family Relationship


Current Conflicts

According to the S:Number Doctrine, a class act S:4 is considerably a act of war and/or preparation for such. Read further for the whole explanation.


Under all order of security, terrorism prevention, and safety of others, a placed restriction of any kind can and will be taken as an act or war and/or preparation for said war. If more than one agrees to the act, full authority to invade and liberate them.

So, now that you know what an S:4 event is, here are some words you probably have no idea what I'm talking about.

[Reconnaissance Report]

Sector, E

Region 1

IDEN: Malburry

Event: S:4


Codesec Malburry has decided to place a restriction on Region 1, Sector, E on a few other nations. This is a high event and cannot be approved by any Council.


Sector, C

Region 0

IDEN: Homebird

Event: [Response]


We have sent word of such restrictions to neighboring countries, the S:4 restriction was a response event caused by [IDEN: Homebird]. No repercussions will be taken.

Suggested Action:

[IDEN: Homebird] Will withdraw all deployed troops from the area and return to DL3.


Everyone is equal, people who think one race is better than another is dead to me. (Includes all supremacy groups)


I have nightmares of the Kunlun Mountains and how me and at least 10 other people get trapped there and only four of us get out alive. Pretty bad nightmares. It reoccurs every night, but continues the story plot. I should make a book out of it.

Le Credits

(United Nations)


(Bored face)




(All the game designing pictures)

www.unity3d.com and www.nvidia.com

(Alex Rider, Red, Red 2)


(Five Nights At Freddy's)