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Good enough? What expectations are you setting this year?

The year is starting strong. While our TRIBE has worked hard this summer to set very deliberate expectations for school-wide structures, routines, and procedures; once you shut the doors to your classrooms that will not matter. The true question is, have you spent the time setting these same deliberate structures within your own rooms?

We have a large data wall in the office to hold our whole team accountable. Do you have a system to hold students accountable and celebrate successes in your classrooms? If not, why?

We created meaningful (and fun) opportunities through goosechase. While that took time to prepare, the end result was a great bonding opportunity for the teams, have you taken the time to create this climate and opportunity in your classrooms? If not, why?

We spent time time bringing in Bobby Moore to help you reflect on your own strengths and weaknesses to help you set goals for personal growth. Are you giving an opportunity to reflect and grow to your students?

We set team non-negotiables to hold each other accountable. What process have you established in your classroom to encourage a mutual accountability with your students?

We set the highest standards of our teachers and will be giving specific feedback for growth and development. As lead learners, Rachel and I are constantly reading and sharing resources to improve our leadership pedagogy. We have created bullet journals for our own reflection and self-improvement. As your admin team, we are committed to continue to grow along with you. . In fact, we just finished reading Hacking Leadership, and you will see I have taken ACTION and added a portable office to the routine. If our goal is to improve instruction and increase student achievement, we can't do that in the four walls of our office.

Take time this weekend to ask yourself if you have planned and prepared to set a community expectation in your grade level and in your classroom that "good enough" is not going to be acceptable.

We need "A" behaviors

We need "A" worthy expectations

We need "A Game" teaching each day.

To get to that "A" we need strong teaching and monitoring at all times.

Just "one day" or just these "5 minutes" or even "just this one time" will set off all our progress as a team.

Will it be exhausting... Absolutely.

I'll be the first to admit I passed out at 8 pm Wednesday night.

However, we can do this together.

This tribe is here for a reason. We are going to change every single kids life this year. It's going to be an incredible adventure!!!

The VIBE will be strong if your expectations and procedures are strong and consistent.

Speaking of STRONG.. shout out to the Captains of the Cafeteria!! Lee and Riddick have transformed our cafeteria into a delightful CAFE. Ms. Vicki Zita and her outstanding cafeteria staff have enabled us to create lunch blocks that are really working to the benefit of our students. Please continue to eat with your students this week if you are able to. In fact, that's an easy (and cheap) reward you can set with your class that also helps keep the culture and relationship strong throughout the year.

GREAT job to the office staff. They organized an efficient and student-centered orientation and enrollment process. For them undertaking such a large new role, they ROCKED it!

Resources to Help:

Teaching Routines and Procedures


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The Superintendent is requesting our presence at 4:00 at VBHS PAC on Monday. :)

Orientation Feedback

Thank you so much to everyone who responded to the Orientation feedback. Ms. Moree, Ms. Yvette, and I discussed the positives and areas for improvement for next year. Your feedback was vital. As Lead Learners, we are always looking to grow.

We appreciate the TRIBE all coming together to make each year BETTER and BETTER!
Classroom Champions is a free program!

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Classroom Management

PLEASE please please make sure you are setting clear and consistent routines and procedures for your classes to follow.

Don't hesitate to make your students re-line up, or go back if they are not meeting "A" status behavior.

The time you put into these routines now will save you hours of discipline in the future.

It's imperative that if your class isn't PERFECT right now, you are going back and re-teaching until they have it down pat. The easiest thing you can do to assist with classroom management is to ensure that you have engaging standards-based activities planned for every minute of the day.
Every. Minute.

One thing that I heard worked well for Fellsmere was that even transitioning to specials and lunch, the students had flash cards that they were using for vocabulary and fast math. Bobby Moore stated that at one of his turn-around schools he insisted that a kid had two books with them at all times. Pick a strategy that works for you.


We should now be moving into standards-based units.
You should have an essential question posted for the Brain Unit starting tomorrow along with the standards posted.

It's time to get to business!!!

Engaging for Positive Climate

We will be doing some Quick Reviews of our Eric Jensen book throughout the year as reminders.
Please check out Chapter 3- Pages 37-38 for how to "Raise the Bar" for our students.
Here's a quick quote:

"Teachers expectations are critical for student success. Students typically live out their own expectations, so effective teachers get students to expect more of themselves. You should aim to be such an effective engaging teacher that students thank you at the end of class."

This comes with 4 solutions on how to make this happen. :)
1. Refer to the learning destination as a certainty
2. Don't have low performing students set long-term achievement goals for themselves
3. Start setting SUPERB as the goal
4. Affirm every little success early on


Consider creating a #makerspace for your classroom and add before school enrichment opportunities. Check it out here: https://www.makerspaces.com/

For funding opportunities, check out: https://www.donorschoose.org/.

We are starting our walk-throughs for our data wall! This is what we're looking for.

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