President John Adams

BY: Jaydin, Shiloh, Josh, Kellen,Tim and Sierra

Major Events

The XYZ Affair- While France and Britain are in a depute, America is caught in the middle so he tries to negotiate with France, but they want money and that makes him mad. This makes the enemies even more heated.

Another major even that took place was sighning the Treaty of Paris.


While John Adams did many things that the citizens didn't like, he also did things that were very helpful or important. Something extremely important or successful was that when they were in the middle of the France and Great Britain feud, he wrote the Treaty of Paris to keep the country out of the problem. A part of his success of writing the Treaty of Paris came from his experience of being an ambassador for Great Britain. Last during all of this time he improved the navy, and made a stronger U.S. force.

Failures and weaknesses

As a president, John Adams had many failures while he was in office. Many things he did, the public did not approve of, which led to him losing his re-election in the future. Some of his major failures, or parts where he did not agree with the public, were: 1: Signed Alien and Sedition acts, which basically took away basic rights that America boasted about having. Taking rights away from immigrants really frustrated America's citizens. 2: During the X,Y,Z battles, He was passive, and stayed out of war with France after they had committed multiple offences to us, such as sinking ships and blocking trade routes. John Adams wasn't re-elected, yet another failure. John Adams was the nations first "Bad" President

Lasting Impact

Although John Adams may have had his mistakes, he still made many lasting impacts. One of these, would be the Treaty of Paris. Sure, many Americans wanted him to go to war with the French, but the treaty stopped a war that we may not have been able to win. Another impact, is that John Adams was the founding father of the Revolutionary war, helping America to win and become the great country it is today.