Physical Geography

Our City:

  • Has the largest network of water ways being used for transportation.
  • The unusual and unique location of Venice allowed for it to become a prominent maritime empire by the 14th century.
  • This location was decidedly perfect because of the marine and river access to both inland cities and those connected to Italy by sea.
  • Water surrounding this cluster of islands protects its inhabitants as it was considerably harder to reach than other cities.

Blue Points = Trade Ports

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Trade Opportinities

Our City:

  • Controls most ports between the Eastern Mediterranean and the Adriatic Sea.
  • A near complete monopoly in Ports throughout Southern Europe, Western Asia and Northern Africa. The large population in these prosperous locations allow for more trading opportunities situated out of Venice than in any other state throughout developing Europe.
  • The huge trading opportunities through the Venetian ports has increased trade throughout much of Northern Italy.


The monopoly of trading that Venice has throughout the Adriatic, Eastern Mediterranean and Black Seas adds an extreme expanse to the wealth of an ever growing economy. This in turn lead to:

  • A stable government
  • Conflictual Success over Genoa
  • Three classes, the majority of which are "well to do"
  • An oligarchical government leaving no single person with a dominant power

Social Class System

Three social classes:

  1. Aristocracy control Venice and make up the government, often super rich. The aristocracy made up two percent of the population. Only their families could vote for the government
  2. Below them are the original citizens of the republic, they can hold public office but they can not vote.
  3. Third class are the common people who hold fewer rights.
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Our Citizens

  • Venetian citizens are considered the most valuable throughout Italy because people of all classes have military training.
  • Venetian women have more freedom of movement and opinion.
  • Stay close to medieval roots, yet consistently pursue new ideas.
  • Exposed to new ideas as a result of the multiculturalist inhabitants that came because of trade
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Florence and Genoa are other powerful city states in our area

  • Because Florence is surrounded by mountains and hard to access the population of traders is not as wide.
  • Genoa does not have the monopoly on Italian Sea Trading, as well as this in war, Venice has consistently beat Genoa

Venice is known as Queen of the Adriatic because of her mercantile prowess.

Why Come To Our City?

  • Romantic and Beautiful environment
  • Huge Trade Opportunities
  • Protected Location
  • Stable Government
  • Control of Ports
  • Healthy Economy
  • Prominent Maritime Empire
  • Best university's across Italy that promote Medicine, Science and Law
  • Wealthy Merchant Class
  • Strong Navy, Ship yard and Armoury
  • Architectural Ruins