Fred W. Wolf- Fort Wayne, Indiana

The idea behind the refrigerator has been worked upon for almost a century- and finally, its here! Fred W. Wolf of Forty Wayne, Indiana officially announced the modern fridge for home and domestic use. The ice box's design has been brought forth and tweaked, and this man has added yet another addition to this amazing invention- an air-cooled refrigeration unit that is to be mounted on top of the ice box. The Domelre will add an entirely new level to refrigeration!

The electric refrigerator is the next step to new age technology! Refrigerators are designed to keep your food colder and preserve them longer without all the hassle of having to refill an ice box! The refrigerator will be the next step into the future! Stop worrying about your food spoiling and going to waste with the Domelre! This new invention is heading straight to consumers just like you! Homes and businesses will no longer suffer; the Domelre is the way to go!


Contact either Fred W. Wolf himself, or the American Audiffren Refrigerating Machines Company. General Electric also has some of these refrigerators for sale for your convenience!