New way to Communicate - - September 28th-October 2nd

A New Way to Communicate

Mrs. Nord shared with me how she sends out a weekly newsletter and let me tell you, I fell head over heels! In past years I have tried a monthly newsletter but by January it feels like punishment. I end up falling back to communicating via emails, which is just fine, but it was never at the level of service I wanted to provide. I am thrilled to try my hand at using this way to communicate.

Reading and Writing

Our comprehension skill last week was sequencing. Students identified time-order words that indicate sequence, such as first, next, then, and finally. Students worked on using sequencing words in their writing as the constructed paragraphs on their best day. We also started to learn about friendly letters and learning the foundational skills of writing a friendly letter.

This week's comprehension strategy has students working on asking and answering questions. When students are reading, often they come across something they don't understand. I will encourage them to ask questions about the story as they read and then look for the answers in the text. Doing so will help them understand the story better. We will work on developing higher level questions that require more than just a one word answer.

For writing this week students will continue to build their knowledge on friendly letters and their parts: heading, greeting, body, closing, signature, and post script. Students will write a friendly letter to a classmate and work through the editing process throughout the week.


This week we began Unit 2 in the Everyday Math program. Unit 2 will be covering Number Stories and Arrays. The following bullets are topics covered in this unit.
  • number stories and situation diagrams (1 & 2 step story problems)
  • remainders
  • number patterns
  • introducing fractions

Next week's lessons will cover multiple step number stories, looking at equal groups, and learning multiplication arrays.

Math Fact Practice-

In 3rd grade, the students need to be fluent with all basic facts (+,-,x & division). Time tests are given several times a month with 2 minutes for each test. So far I have only given addition and subtraction time tests. The class is doing well with their addition facts, but students are needing some additional help with subtraction facts at home. We have also devoted some time using the program XtraMath to start building our knowledge of multiplication. Not a lot of time of the day is devoted to fact practice however they are incorporated in the games we play. To build automaticity please spend a few minutes each night practicing math facts. Last week a yellow flyer went home about the program XtraMath. It can be accessed at home via the internet for free or you can purchase an optional app. I have also added a few websites for practice on our class website.


During the school year we will be rotating science and social studies units. We spent the first weeks of school learning the foundations of how science in our classroom works. We use a capacity matrix that contains the unit objectives, standards, and benchmarks of study. Using a capacity matrix puts the learning in the hands of the student and increases their motivation. The teacher is there every day learning and teaching students with their needs and at their level.

As a class we worked through the Sun capacity matrix learning how to take read and take notes for understanding, read and complete a worksheet to increase understanding, how to reflect on our learning and behavior, how to write a fact based paragraph, and how to complete a project. I am excited to share that the students will start their learning of Earth and Moon this week! Together we mapped out a timeline to complete our work and posted it, the expectations, and the groups on our science board.

Coming up This Week!

Monday 9/28:

Day E- Guidance and Library

Tuesday 9/29:

Day F- Music

Wednesday 9/30:

Day A- Computer Lab and PE


Thursday 10/1:

Day B- Art

Race Around Webster @ 2:15

**Book-it Starts

Friday 10/2:

Day C- Music, Timed Tests, Buddies

J-Hawk Huddles @ 2:55

Math Explorations on Weight and Mass