The Bad

By Sidnee Baker

Deal With the Consequences.

I thought to myself while sitting in the jail cell, was it really worth it? Getting so intoxicated that I stumble into the arms of the law? Was one night of fun really worth this big ugly stain on a clean record? Well whether it was or not, I still have no choice but to swallow the huge pill and deal with the consequences.

It'll Work Itself Out.

College is hard. I'd rather party and have fun than study for some stupid test. I guess that's why I'm failing over half of my classes. Academic probation won't be fun. I'll just study the required amount and have fun after. It'll all work itself out.

Successful Enough.

I know my mom wanted to see me prosper, but I can't do it anymore. It's been two years and I just want to go out and make money. I have an associates degree. That's good, right? I'll just get a job as a waitress or an assistant or something. That's successful enough, right?


I'm homeless, jobless, and friendless. I'm tired and hungry and in dyer need of a hit. My mother doesn't want to hear my sob story. She's probably still bitter about the whole wasting money on me to go to college thing. She could at least let me see my daughter every once and awhile. I told her that I was going to rehab as soon as I got the money for it. I'm trying to be strong, but life is too hard and people are so unforgiving. I just wish I could start over and try to do things the right way, the smart way. Now I'm just sitting here on this curb looking for someone to blame. This wasn't my fault. I just wanted to enjoy life like everyone else. I got caught up. And now it's too late to go back. I've hit rock bottom. My life is nothing but one big regret.
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