Written by Heather Dixon

Book Summary

Entwined is a novel written by Heather Dixon, the novel focuses on the main character azalea who is dealing with the death of her mother. Azalea soon realizes that the palace she lives in is magic and that there is secret passages and doorways inside as well. On her mothers death bed azalea tells her mother that she will take care of all her siblings, that really stood out to me because she is the oldest of 12. Azalea is also next in line to be queen.

Chapter Analysis

Chapter one stuck out as very odd to me basically because of the way azalea's mother was acting and the fact that the king told the rest of the kids that they had to stay in there rooms until the ball was finished. In Chapter 2 the prime minister escorts azalea to the ball, but this is the odd part, azalea discovers her sisters are hiding in the Christmas trees lined up around the room. Azalea then goes back in forth bringing them pudding and other foods of that sort. During the final dance which is called the Entwined the prime minister Fairweller just barges in and tells everybody that they have to leave. I got really scared because he asks were the sisters were because they were sleeping in the trees, but azalea just led him to the trees, he didn't even say anything he just left, he probably thought they were weirdo's.