Siberian Tiger

Panthera Tigris


The siberian tiger, also known as the Amur tiger, lives in eastern Russia forests. Siberian tigers are the largest species of tigers in the word and tend to live 8-10 years. They are four legged and walk on their giant legs and paws. They are the most active at night. Siberian tigers are carnivorous mammal's and are amazing hunters. To catch their food they silently stalk their prey waiting for the right opportunity, hiding in the dense vegetation. The dense vegetation hides the tiger from view so it isn't seen before it attacks. Siberian tigers use their sight and hearing to track their prey. Their diet consists of deer,wild boars, goats, cattle, and other small mammals in the area. Siberian tigers are solitary animals, however, the female tigers will stay with her cubs for 18-36 months after birth.The mother will stay with her cubs and teach them how to hunt and survive in the wild.


  • Kingdom - Animalia
  • Phylum - Chordata
  • Class - Mammalia
  • Order - Carnivora
  • Family - Felidae
  • Genus - Panthera
  • Species - Panthera Tigris

Evolutionary relationship

The Siberian tiger is in the genus Panthera( large yellow cats). It is closely related to the following animals

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10.75 ft (3.3m)


660 lbs



Due to the deforestation of their homes and humans illegally hunting them the Siberian tiger is an endangered species. Their are now less then 500 left in the world.


The Siberian tiger has only one predator and that is a human. They are at the top of the food chain with animals and are only hunted by humans.


- the worlds largest cats

- Siberian cubs can not hunt until they are at least 18 months old

- there are two types of Siberian tigers one is orange and black and the other is white and black

- some of their body parts are used in traditional Chinese medicine