WMS Media Center Board Report

January 2015


This year has started out with a lot of activity. All students were given a power point orientation to the media center with an emphasis on WMS Media Center web page and Destiny. All students were shown how to find and use the web page and create usernames and passwords in Destiny . This will enable them to take advantage of all the features on Destiny and resources on the web page. Students are able to access Destiny from home and can search the web and save their websites in folders, write reviews for books, place holds on books, check their accounts, and check out e-books. We now offer 160 e-books and/or audio books through Destiny and 80 through Mackinvia. They were also given instructions on how to download the companies apps to their phones to check out and read books as well. A Scavenger hunt was also conducted to help students find what they need in the media center.


The WMS media center always finds ways to promote reading and books. During the first day of Orientation, students were informed of all the fun ways to connect with books and develop a lifelong love of reading. Students were shown videos to introduce them to the 2015 Missouri Reader award nominees for the Trumans and Gateways. They are able to read these books and vote for their favorites in the Spring. They can keep track of their books with tiger paws and after voting, are able to enter a drawing for some fun prizes. The winning authors are announced during the MASL spring conference. It is fun experience to meet the winning authors and get their books signed for prizes for the students. Students are also able to participate in Reading Counts and receive monthly incentives by taking quizzes on books and reaching different point levels.

New this year is READO bingo, where they get a card and read the various types of books on the card and the Awesome box, which is a way for students to recommend books they like and share this with other students. The monthly Book Club is still growing strong and this year we are doing some with a movie tie-in. Plus there are always monthly displays to entice readers to our great collection of materials. Other programs include two books fairs during the year and the annual Food for Fines in November and in April.

The student favorites are the book-movie trips. We were able to do two trips this past year. In order to participate, students need to read the book and pass the Reading Counts quiz. The first 50 students get to go. We were able to see Ender's Game and Divergent. Plans are to see Insurgent in the Spring of 2015.


The teachers and students use the media center and its resources for all types of projects and activities. Several of the research projects have been- scientists biographies, renewable energy, African current events, unsolved mysteries, African American biographies, debate topics, and the American Civil War. The media center has also been used for several guest speakers: Mr. Anderson speaking about Guatemala to 7th grade social studies classes, 8th grade career readiness, Springfield Landfill and recycling, and 7th grade science speaker on different types of energy.

Other types of collaboration have been the Book Tastings with the English classes. The library is set up as a "Book Cafe", where students have time at each table to "taste" the different types of books at each table. They are given a menu to write down which books they would like to check out then or at a later date. Some of the tastings have been on different literature genres and poetry books.

Mrs. Maerke's 7th grade honor English classes did a project involving the book "The Phantom Tollbooth". All the students read the book and took the reading counts quiz. Then to compare and contrast different mediums of the story, the students were able to view the movie and then attend a play of the book at the Lander's Theater.

Professional Development/Goals

I always try to keep abreast of the current topics in the educational and library profession fields. I am a member of MASL, ALA, AASL, and SWRASL. For the next two years, I will serve as the treasurer of the Southwest Regional Area of School Librarians (SWRASL).

I attend the twice yearly regional meetings of SWRASL and always look forward to the Spring Conference of the Missouri Association of School Librarians (MASL). It is a great place to network with other librarians, get ideas for my library and programming, and keep up to date with the profession.

I also read the School Library Journal and Library Media Connections to keep up with currents trends and book recommendations. Online webinars have become indispensable. I view these webinars through sites such as edweb.net, Mackinvia, and Demco,

My Goals/Library Plan

  1. Further collaboration with teachers
  2. Increase number of e-books and audiobooks. Adding more non-fiction titles to align with curriculum.
  3. Buy Nooks for students to check out.
  4. Promote use and design of library as a Library Commons.
  5. Promote reading with current and new programming.

By the Numbers

The WMS Media center serves 713 students and 57 staff members.

14,789 cataloged items

13,867 circulated materials for 2014

4 electronic databases

16 student workstations