Month Stickers for Babies

Baby Month Stickers


Many consumers may not have noticed onesie stickers unless they interact frequently with babies in their lives. Today, more and more babies are wearing onesies with special stickers in the form of a number usually ranging from zero to twelve. These numbers represent the month of the baby’s life after its birth. They are a great indicator of how old the baby is without being asked by visitors.


Onesie stickers come in a myriad of designs that are colorful and adorable when added on to the baby's clothing. When applied to the baby's onesie these stickers are clearly visible from a distance.

Although the numbers on these stickers usually range between zero and twelve, some may offer numbers thirteen through twenty four in order to keep tracking the baby’s development in its first two years after delivery. The designs are limitless; from floral to patterns with typical designs for girls and boys in pink or blue respectively.

Customized onesie stickers are available in the market through larger baby gift stores or sticker manufacturers. Bulk orders can be accepted with free deliveries for those who want to use onesie stickers as baby shower gifts.

The more popular stickers for the baby onesie are round with bright or pastel colors. These stickers are pasted or ironed on to the baby onesie.

Delightful applications

Onesie stickers can be used in a variety of ways to create memories for the baby and loved ones. These stickers can be given as baby shower gifts to track the important physical development of the baby in its first two years of life before they outgrow their onesies.

Onesie stickers need not be limited to baby onesies alone. They work well on other types of fabric and clothing such as towels, tee shirts and pajamas of baby. Even baby toys and story books can have an onesie sticker pasted on them to remind parents of the month in which these objects impacted their baby’s life. Some of these items can be stored as keepsakes which can be part of the parents’ legacy to the baby when the latter is able to appreciate and understand the first two years of its life.

Parents would take lots of photos of their baby in onesies with the special stickers to be sent to loved ones and friends around the world. These can be emailed or put on social media websites for an immediate update of their baby’s development.

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