Bahamas information and vacation

Physical Geography (Land and Climate)

1: The Bahamas have a roughly 700 islands.
2:June -Septembers average high is 88 and 25.
3:The word Lucayans means ("islands people").
4:The animals their are Flamingos,parrots,iguanas,and other under water animals.


Cultural Geography (History and Government)

1:General elections are called by the Prime Minister.
2:The voting age is 18 and older.
3:Tourism was only successful after WW11
4:The Bahamas face rising unemployment,Crime,and,murder

Economy (Tourism,Agriculture,Manufaturing)

1:Tourism is one of the best jobs their.

2:since the industry is independent on U.S. visitors it sometimes suffers during slumps in the U.S.

3:The latin roots of agriculture means "Cultivation of the Fields".

Planed Days

Day 1 Flying to orlando then to bahamas and eat at Chat N Chill.Day 2 We'll go on a snorkel adventure then eat at Pascal's Caribbean Fusion restaurant & bar.Day 3 We'll go to the beach for a while then we'll go on Catamaron Sunset dinner cruise.Day 4 Learn how to scuba dive for 3 hours then eat at hotel.Day 5 Go on deep sea adventure for 4-8 hours then eat at the hotel again.Day 6 Go on the East End and Lucayan National Park Tour then eat at Olives Meze Grill.Day 7 Get on the flight back to home and the total cost for everything was $5170.