DC Staff Update

21 September 2014

I'm grateful this week for...

  • The continued sense of positive energy amongst staff
  • The contributions I see that the new staff are already making to DC
  • The fact that the weather is noticeably getting drier and cooler

Congratulations Matt Baron

I am very pleased to announce that Matt has been appointed Head of Junior School at Kardinia International School in Geelong, Australia. Matt will be taking up this position immediately after Christmas. This is a wonderful opportunity for Matt although sad for us. Matt has been with DC since we first opened and was teaching at Bauhinia prior to that.

Kristy will stay on at DC with Maelee and Jesse until the end of this academic year before moving back to join Matt.

The position will be advertised this coming week with a January 2014 start.


New Explorer

Peter Stewart has been working on a new format for the Explorer in order to make it more dynamic and easier to navigate. We are planning to launch the new Explorer next Friday, however, a test version is live for you to view HERE. If you pick up any glitches or have any feedback can you please contact Pete or Michelle.

Changes in the new Explorer include:
  • Content is real time, which means that we can load major events as they occur, rather than wait until Friday
  • The site has an online newspaper feel, rather than one long scrolling page
  • Each article has an image teaser - please try to submit at least 1 high quality photo for each entry, otherwise a stock image will be provided
  • Navigation of photos is much easier, and we have the ability to embed video
  • The site can also be viewed on mobile devices by going to explorer.discovery.edu.hk and adding the icon to your mobile screen.

Please continue to submit articles as you do at the moment, either through Primary, Secondary or Margaret. Articles are still limited, wherever possible, to 75 words

Staff parents

Thank you to the few people who spoke with me about the proposed changes to the Staff Parents of Students at DC Policy. Given this, the new guidelines will take immediate effect and the new version added to the Staff Handbook.

10 ways to feel more positive

I was reading this article yesterday that suggests that around 50% of our psychological wellbeing is innate, 10% is down to circumstances, and the remaining 40% can be learnt. In the article, Alison Ogier-Price, mental health educator and vice-president of the New Zealand Association of Positive Psychology, offers 10 tips to increase positivity, being Breathe, Move, Music, Sleep, Appreciation, Mindful, Nature, Strengths, Activities and Connect. Click HERE to read the full article.

Weekly Chinese by Debbie

āi ya
The quintessential Cantonese expression, so common that it is adopted by other cultures. It can signify surprise, pain, disappointment, frustration, anger, indignation and more, depending on inflection and context. You are just as likely to hear this word uttered by youngsters playing computer games as you are by a grandmother scolding children. Pronunciation and syntax alters in different situation

This week

This week brings:
  • House Elections and Primary Parent/Teacher meetings
  • A group of teachers visiting this Wednesday from the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy just outside Johannesburg. The school has students from Years 9-13, and runs the MYP across Years 9-11
  • Thursday is significant for us as we are hosting our first major University Fair, with nearly 90 institutions attending from the UK, USA, HK, Singapore, Germany, Spain, Australia, Switzerland, Canada and Japan. The fair will involved all of our Y10-13 students as well as a number of senior students from other schools. Please pop up to the 2/F Gym between 10.30am-12.30pm and see what's happening
  • On Friday our CEO, Belinda Greer, will be coming to DC to meet with me as well as a small group of teaching staff.
  • Friday evening is our annual CLT/Support Staff dinner
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