Instructional Materials Update

Region 17 June 2017

EMAT Is Open for the 2017–18 School Year

EMAT is now scheduled to open on Wednesday May 3, 2017, for the 2017–18 school year. Any unexpended funds from previous years (carry-over funds) will be available after all prerequisites are met. Prerequisites include submission of the signed IMA and TEKS Certification form, updating summer ship dates, confirming contacts, and confirming addresses. The 2018−2019 biennial instructional materials allotment (IMA) will be calculated and available in EMAT accounts when appropriations have been made by the 85th Texas Legislature.

TEA Updates & Reminders:

Proclamation 2017

Proclamation 2017 Price List

A list of Proclamation 2017 instructional materials with pricing can be found at Proclamation 2017 Adopted Materials Pricing List ( These instructional materials will be available to order when EMAT opens.

Instructional Materials Summer Institute 2017

We are so excited to be joining efforts with IMCAT to bring an IMA summer institute to the Panhandle area.

Here is the Information:

The Instructional Materials Coordinators' Association of Texas Annual Summer Institute - Instructional Materials 101 - features all the information you need to begin your school year. It's great for instructional materials professionals who are new to the process or for veterans who want a summer refresher.

Click Here to Register

Shipping Surplus Accessible Instructional Materials to the STRC

The last day to return surplus braille and large-print instructional materials to the Special Textbook Redistribution Center (STRC) is Friday, March 31, 2017.

Instructions for shipping surplus braille and large-print instructional materials, including out of adoption materials, to the STRC can be found at Central Freight is the contracted freight carrier for shipments to the STRC with a weight of ≥ 151 pounds. Lone Star is the contracted freight carrier for shipments to the STRC with a weight ˂ 151 pounds. Districts should not use any other carriers for these shipments.

If you have questions concerning this process, please contact or

Update to SBOE Adoption Cycle

State Board of Education’s current adoption cycle.

Proclamation 2019:


Spanish Language Arts K-6

English Language Learners Arts 7-8

Spelling K-6

Handwriting K-5

Personal Finacial Literacy

Proclamation 2019 Publisher Meeting Webinar

Proclamation 2019 is scheduled to call for new instructional materials or existing instructional materials that have been aligned to the revised Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for the following grade levels and courses:

· English Language Arts and Reading, kindergarten–grade 8

· Spanish Language Arts and Reading, kindergarten–grade 6

· English Learners Language Arts, grades 7–8

· Personal Financial Literacy

· Handwriting, kindergarten–grade 5

· Spelling, grades 1–6

The State Board of Education is scheduled to issue Proclamation 2019 at its April 2017 meeting. A draft version of Proclamation 2019 is available on the TEA website at‌/Down‌load‌Asset.aspx?id=51539613395.

Check Out the Recorded video

Webinar Highlights:

Funding sources for Texas

Legislation related to IMA

General IMA and EMAT information

% of where districts are using funds

Adoption timeline

NEW ELA Courses & Update to Adoption Cycle

New and Revised CTE TEKS for 2017-2018 Information

As you start planning for students to make course selections for the 2017-2018 school year, please remember that CTE courses, TEKS, and credits have been revised. It is EXTREMELY important that these changes be reviewed!

All of the changes can be reviewed in the New CTE TEKS LiveBinder found at the following link The link to the LiveBinder can also be found on the Region 17 CTE web page under the "Curriculum and Resources" section.

Key Changes Include:
- New courses available
- Elimination of credit ranges
- Prerequisite changes
- Addition of a number of new lab-based courses
- Addition of employability skills to all courses
- Changes to Practicum courses
- Changes to course names

New Instructional Materials Coordinators Must Complete Training

“The board of trustees of a school district shall require the employee responsible for ordering instructional materials to complete Texas Education Agency-developed training in the use of the instructional materials allotment and the use of the instructional materials ordering system known as EMAT. Training shall be completed prior to ordering instructional materials for the first time and again each time the district or charter school is notified by the Texas Education Agency that the training has been updated. The school district or charter shall maintain documentation of the completion of the required training.” Guidance videos are available on the IMET website at Materials. The training does not provide any certification upon completion, but new coordinators must keep a record of their training — possibly in the form of an internal memorandum — at their district or charter school.

House Bill 1295 - Need to Check This Out

House Bill 1295 has changed purchasing.
Get information under
the Resources tab.

Make sure you've covered all the bases when negotiating with a publisher. Click here for IMCAT's sample commitment letter.

IMA Updates from IMCAT 2016

If you were unable to attend IMCAT 2016, Please check out the website below for updates related to the conference.

Region 20 Portal for Online Access to Materials

Region 20 has put together a great site that contains all the online references for adoptions since Proclamation 2014. Check it out!

Thanks! It's Been Fun!

This will be my last month at Region 17. I will be going to Lubbock ISD. I have enjoyed providing IMA information for districts, I hope these listservs have been helpful.