Going Google

Volume 2 Issue 10

Personalize Users in Google Chrome: Access to Saved Bookmarks, Themes, Apps and Extensions

Create Shortcuts For Each User

This is a great tool for home sharing (multiple users) on Chrome.

For quick access to all your Google Chrome accounts, create a new user. The user will include the apps and extensions, bookmarks, and themes, you have created for that account. A shortcut with the icon and name you choose will appear on your desktop.

Reminder for Public Computers:

For your security and privacy: A logged on user on a public computer should, "Delete the User" before logging off the computer.

Google + Hangouts and Note Taking

Taking shared notes while having a Google + Hangout is quite simple. Once you are in a Google+ Hangout, if you do not already have the Google Drive App installed, then you need to hover on the left side of your screen. Hover over the three dots at the bottom of your apps, and click “ + Add apps”
Under the “Featured” tab, you should be able to scroll and find Google Drive. You will want to Add the app to the video call.
Once in your Drive App, you can Click Create shared notes
You will be asked to show your e-mail address. Click “open."

The people you are having your hangout with, will have a pop up on their screen that says you have added a document “Hangout notes” and ask them to use app if they want to participate with the shared notes.

From there, you have a document created that everyone participating in the hangout can contribute to.

Once in your drive, your hangout notes will show up labeled with the date and time of the hangout. They also remain a shared document between you and the other hangout participants.

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