Jewel of the Orion Arm

The Beauty of Earth

On Earth, you will find a most interesting molecule, composed of two hydrogen atoms and a single oxygen atom, chemically bonded to form a substance known as "water". Oceans at least four kilometers deep cove nearly 70% of the planet's surface, brimming with life. Only on Earth can the true vastness of the water cycle be experienced, with the erosion and weathering of the earth and the movement of water in its various forms.

Other beauties to be found on Earth include the auroras, found at the north and south poles of the planet, generated by the interaction of charged particles from the magnetosphere and atoms from Earth's upper atmosphere, blown by the solar wind to the poles of the Earth, where they interact in the ionosphere to release visible light.

But most importantly, it is life itself that is the truest beauty of Earth: life, in all of its complexities, forever growing and evolving to survive, seeking the preservation of its own chemical code - such beauty is not unique to this planet, but in this biosphere developed creatures best suited to survive in the ecosystems that persisted here, and those are truly unique in the universe.


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