Mission San Juan Bautista

by Angelica Romero Giselle

Mission History

Mission San Juan Bautista was closed in 1795. This mission was the 15th mission. The Yukut tribe lived in the mission. The founder of mission San Juan Bautista was Fray Joseph. The mission stuffed a violent earth quake in April 12,1906.

Daily life at the mission

  • In the mission the the Yokuts and the Mutsut were forsed to live in the mission. Fray Serra was in charge of the mission. The Indians were the ones who did chores. The jobs that needed to be done was to gather food to cook food. The mission raised 6,000 cattle ,604 sheep ,296 houses ,13 mules. There was a school and Fray Martiarena was the teacher. There was a church ,workshops, and a jail. When there were free time the indians would play games that they made to make them look bussiy .

pictures/ illustrations

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mission today

The mission of San Juan Bautista is still open as a church. The mission was also a field trip for many schools that are close by. There is a museum about the mission. The mission is still open to look at.


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