Valentine's Day

by: Milena Ianni

History of the Holiday

Valentine’s Day is celebrated every year as a day of romance and love. It started at the feast of Lupercalia which was celebrated by the Romans from February 13 to the 15. Emperor Claudius II executed St. Valentine on February 14, 270 A.D. St. Valentine had been a priest that continued to perform marriages for couples, although the Emperor outlawed it. His martyrdom was celebrated by the Catholic Church and is still known today as St. Valentine’s Day. While Valentine was in jail, waiting to be executed, he fell in love with the jailer’s daughter who came to visit him daily. Before he was put to death, he wrote a letter to his love and signed it “From Your Valentine”, which is an expression still used today.
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History of Flowers & Affect of Valentine's Day on the Industry

Giving flowers on Valentine's Day was introduced in the 18th century by Charles II of Sweden. They're a great representation of fertility, love, romance and admiration.

Although the time around Valentine's Day can be extremely stressful for florists, the amount of flowers bought on this holiday creates a huge positive impact on the industry as a whole.

Profile of an Average American Valentine's Day Client

Gender: Male

Status: In a Relationship/Married

Type of Flower bought: Red Rose

Average Spent: $75

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