Chinese Culture/CP Rail

By Jackson Holditch

CP rail

It was founded in 1881 to connect the populated east and the unpopulated west of Canada. The great engineering work done on the railway was completed on Nov.7 1885. The Canadian Pacific Railway was built to unite people from Coast to Coast. They made a promise to New Brunswick to make a railway to connect them to the two central Provinces. They laboured Chinese workers to do the most dangerous work of all.
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About Chinese

The Chinese came over here to get a job so that they can bring their family over to start a new life. They got payed $1 an hour and they still had to pay for food tools and camping supplies. The white people got payed 1.50 -2.50 a day and they didn’t have to pay for their supplies. Not only getting paid less they had to do the hardest work of all, they had to clear and grade the roadbeds of the railway. There were many accidents because of Natural Disasters, Dynamite explosions and landslides. There was no medical care the relied on Herbal cures. The Workers lived in camps sleeping in tents or box-cars. Usually they ate rice and dried salmon with tea to drink. They could not afford fruits and vegetables. They did not get any vitamin C.

What happened to the Chinese when the building was finished

Well some of the Chinese workers went back to China to see their families. Others went to work in agriculture. Some others went to start making cigars down in San Francisco area.

Nadam Fair

The Nadam Fair is a tradition done every year by the Mongolian ethnic group of China. The word Nadam in Mongolian is a joint term of Mongolian wrestling, shooting and riding. It takes place on the fourth day in the sixth lunar month.(which is between July and August on the solar calendar.

The 12 Chinese zodiac signs

There are twelve animals that Chinese people use customarily to mark what year a person was born. The twelve animals are: Rat,Ox,Tiger,Rabbit,Dragon,Snake,Horse,Goat,Monkey,Rooster,Dog and Pig.

Dragon Dance

It originated from Chinese folk dances and folk songs. It is a dance of a dragon lantern. Dragons made of grasses, bamboo and cloth as the main prop! The dragon dance is made many see it as a sport or as exercise.

Herbl Mediciens

A herb medicines are also Known as Herbalisam medicine. It is a medicine based on plant and plant extract.


Liquorice is the root of Glycyrrhiza Glabra. A sweet flavour can be extracted out of it. It may result in adverse effects


1.If one hits a man with a broom he will get bad luck the rest of his life

2.You should keep a cleen shaved face or you will get bad luck

3.If a dog howls for a few hours in a night someone died

Chinese Traditional clothing


Traditional buildings